Ginger Pride (not-so-subtle) by stillbeing Ginger Pride (subtle) by stillbeing

By the Deep Green Light of the Night

Not all dreams are pleasant . . .

The Lessons of Derrick Hasen

When you decide to walk the path of opportunity, be careful where it might lead you . . .


Silent Distress by stillbeing

For all the Souls Lost to the Water

The water calls to those who listen.

Exit to Light (intro)

Escorting money is an artform. Good breeding helps.


Mysterious wanderings and moonlight tendrils in this collaboration with artist LisaMM

The Recipe (Rendition)

Poisons are bad, mmkay?
A Treeful of Ravens by stillbeing


Cabin fever in deep space.
Bound by Numbers by stillbeing Insta-'stache (Mission Monday) by stillbeing Save Paul the Octopus by stillbeing All Whites Bandwagon Tee by stillbeing On the Green and Gold Bandwagon - Green by stillbeing On the Green and Gold Bandwagon - Yellow by stillbeing Concerto for Vuvuzela Tee - 2 by stillbeing Concerto for Vuvuzela Tee - 1 by stillbeing

Blue Neon (18+)


Blue Neon – Part 4 (18+)


Blue Neon – Part 3 (18+)


My Archaeopteryx

Amazing things come from innocent minds . . .

Blue Neon – Part 2 (18+)


Blue Neon – Part 1 (18+)


Tackling the Big Issues

The joys of the public service.

The Trainee

A vignette of high-tech interrogation.

The Demise of Old Mary

When life is slipping away from you, it’s time to take control.

My Father’s Return

Family life disturbed when a village receives its men back.

The Photo


Another Turn of the Wheel


Kaden Birchwood

After the flames, life somehow goes on . . .

Under a Merciless Sun

When the dead wake on the battlefield, who will make the last move?

The Girl in the Red Leather Coat


The Longing

Kebabs and supernatural romance throughout the ages.

The Operation

“What will your husband think?” / “Oh, he’s accepted it. He just wants me to be happy . . . ”

My Lady’s Peahen

Peacocks and tragedy in the Age of Enlightenment.

The Lunch

Floccinaucinihilipilification. It’s a big word.

The Unexpected Friend

A simple tale of a girl and her robot.