I live in Melbourne, and I dance and I write and I go exploring when I’m not stuck at my uninteresting job.

(Oh, and the T-shirts are just a fun side-project. Go for the writing first. That’s where the meat is (or soy, if you’re so inclined).)

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Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 2nd February 2011

Oh / My / Fucking / God / Mind = Blown
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Lucky (or How I Got to the Big Day Out)

Man, 2011 has been so damn lucky for me, and we’re not even a month in. The cynic in me says I’m just being set up for an almighty fall later in the year, and everyone else around me seems to be in harder times, but for now I’m just going run with it. / So I managed to not only score a Tool ticket the other day, I scored a Big Day Out ticket from a friend last Thursday too. I…
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Action Hero Smackdown

Ok, so I love an arthouse film as much as the next inner-city tree-huggin’ pseudo-intellectual Melbournite, but you know, sometimes you just need to eat chocolate ice cream and watch some guys bash the ever-loving crap out of a bunch of heavily armed other guys. It’s just the way it is. / And that’s pretty much how I spent my evening . . . a friend and I watched a French film (t…
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Awesome Artist - Laurie Lipton

Just came across this woman’s art and wow . . . just wow . . . / Gallery with slideshow here
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