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Who has a Pen Tablet?

ok, I would be hugely grateful if anyone out there can tell me about the benifits of Pen Tablets. Im thinking of buying one to help with my uni work but want to get an idea of the range of uses and effects as well as peoples opinions.
Telling me what model you own and how you feel about it (maybe with a link to a piece of work that you created using it) would be amazing.
On the other hand, anyone that has had a bad experience, please share.

I await your wisdom!



  • zomboy
    zomboyabout 6 years ago

    like a waccom? they are great! freehand – you can work faster and more accurately than you ever could with a mouse or a scratch pad.

  • Cheers zomboy, the other thing I was wondering was the difference in models.
    Prices range from 30 to 300 and Im trying to work out the benifits of spending a small fortune or testing a cheaper version first.

    – Pinhead Industries

  • Cimmerrian
    Cimmerrianabout 6 years ago

    I have a pen tablet , had a wacom for years …. though I onlyused mine for detailed stuff . It’s something that takes some getting used to for sure . Once you’re used to it , they’re great . I’d suggest going lower till you get comfortable with it , but not to small, biggest diff between pads , is drawing area size . Too small of a drawing area gets very iiritating and somewhat discouraging . Myabe middle of the road d.area like 4×6 or 6×6 .
    just my thoughts :) hope it helps

  • Thanks for the advice Cimerrian. There is a cheap A6 wacom that has caught my eye as a potential tester. Im running through the ways it would work in my head and imagine theres a lot of keyboard shortcutting and zooming in and out.
    I do all my work on a laptop and imagine it will certainly replace the touchpad if not my mouse.
    Thanks again

    – Pinhead Industries

  • " RiSH "
    " RiSH "about 6 years ago

    My question. When I draw on a pen tablet, does it retain what I am drawing like normal ink on paper, so that I can see and draw easily. Or it is only visible in lappy screeen??

  • blacksesameseed
    blacksesameseedabout 6 years ago

    Mm, cheaper is bad. The cheaper it is, the more the lines look pixel-y and kind of square, plus the nibs and the pad are less sensitive to pressure. Basically, the drawings end up looking pretty fake and computerized.
    Wacom is definitely good. As for size, bigger just means that you can be more precise easily, you know? I hope this makes sense!

  • DrDubyu2
    DrDubyu2about 6 years ago

    Like everyone else said, they’re great. Lately I’ve only used mine for colouring tho, as you need a pretty fast computer to make your lines seem realistic. If you go too fast and big, it tends to make your lines a collection of blobs (like it places a blob, skips slightly, places another blob, srta like oooooooooooooo just closer together. A line with alot of dents), but discard that if your computer kicks technological arse.