Firstly, welcome to my webshop… My name is Steve and I’m a Landscape Architect, Photographer and Graphic Artist. My interests include film (old & new), music, symmetry, world food and sarcasm.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to comment and favourite my designs and a huge thanks to everyone buying my t-shirts, hoodies, stickers etc; your support is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to message me with any questions about my work, habits or lifestyle. Click on the Twitter link below to stay up to date with new designs and special offers.

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London Elektricity wearing my Tee

Tony Colman aka London Elektricity performing at The Big Chill Festival in my ‘Stop the War on Vinyl’ T-Shirt… / - / London Elektricity… / - / London Elektricity… / - / London Elektricity… / - / London Elektricity… / - / London Elektricity… / - / The Crowd… / - / The Design… / - / Photos by Tom Chambers
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Who has a Pen Tablet?

ok, I would be hugely grateful if anyone out there can tell me about the benifits of Pen Tablets. Im thinking of buying one to help with my uni work but want to get an idea of the range of uses and effects as well as peoples opinions. / Telling me what model you own and how you feel about it (maybe with a link to a piece of work that you created using it) would be amazing. / On the other hand, an…
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Booked Adventure

On January 2nd 2009 I shall be boarding a plane from London to Hong Kong. After a short stay of 2 nights I will be moving onto NZ for 6 weeks and figi for 10 days before 2 months in australia traveling from sydney to cairns. Finally flying to singapore to explore malaysia and thailand for 2 months. / If anyone has any tip top tips for any locations i should hit or miss then please let me know. / …
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Bubblewrap Surprise

A mate at work told me today that I had been featured at the bottom of the bubblewrap newsletter. Was a great surprise as I never even thought that my photo might win with the amount of photos added to the booth every day. / Thanks to everyone that has ever taken the time to comment on my work and also to those in charge of selecting the photos. I should also thank my girlfriend for taking the pi…
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