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The Second Date

Clack, the yellowing white pool ball smashed into the tip of the triangle, Coloured orbs busting it in every direction, cigarette haze, body odor and the yeasty smell of a room full of beer visiting my nostrils every time I cared to breathe in.
“Sloppy shot m’man.” I rolled my eyes at Stu and took a swig from the dusty glass bottle containing tonic water. He got down low to the table, lining up his shot. I flicked the butt of my pool cue into his elbow sending the ball off to the left.
“If you’ve got nothing constructive to say don’t say anything at all.” I smiled sweetly at my best friend. Lining up my own shot, the white shoots off down the table connecting perfectly with the ball down the other end, touching the cushion, sending it into the closest corner pocket. I chased similar looking balls around the table, all but two. I wink at him conspiratorially.
“So why drag me down here? You’ve been single for a couple of weeks so it’s not for condoling, you’re also not drinking so I know you havn’t gotten back with her and broken up again behind my back, what’s up?” He takes one of his own balls out, purposely pulling the next shot short to snooker me.
“There’s a girl.” I state, he just nods and grins impishly at me trying to line up the impossible but necessary in-off shot, pool’s all about tri-angles when it comes down to this part of the game. I manage to hit one of my remaining balls but only closer to a pocket not into it.
“I just ruled her out genius, you sniffing the turps or something now?” H plays the same dirty trick again, not even bothering to pot any more of his balls, just tap them until he gets an assured two shots.
“Not that girl.” He stops, his bottom jaw literally dropping.
“I don’t think I caught that, say it again?”
“Not that girl, a different one, Kayla.” he puts his cue down and puts boh hands on the table, bending over until his head is below the cushion tops, I think he’s actually going into shock.
“You know what this means Star?” he asks quietly, looking up at me.
“What Stu?”
“We need to get drunk.” He looks up at me dead serious. “Immediately.”
At this point you are going to catch me out on my lie, it was only a tiny one. I drink on occasion, well two occasions really. When I’m depressed and when I’m celebrating. About an hour into our second bar Stu has his seventh drink brainwave.
“Dude, you sh-should totally call up Kayla and get her to come out with us!”
“I dunno man, I don’t want to push anything too quickly.” He nods sagely and drinks out of his long neck.
“We’re not getting home alone Dude, may as well call her to help us home. Two birds with one stone, you get to see her and we get home without being hit by a tram.” His drunken logic is startlingly intelligent. Obediently i reach for my phone to dredge her number out of my phones contacts.


My phones deafening ringtone is audible from the kitchen. I roll to my feet, putting down my newest book on the solid futon matress. Jade greets me at the door to my bedroom, clamouring mobile phone in hand.
“Some guy, he sounds pissed.” I take the phone, it’s probably Greg wanting to get back together, again.
“Hello?” I inquire into the phone.
“I don’t like your’ roommate she sounds mean.” Starlyn’s voice strokes my mind like velvet, I close my eyes and lean against the closest solid object.
“Hey you, I thought you didn’t drink.” He sounds happy though, still the person I met a few days ago jusrtlouder and more emotional.
“Only when I’m depressed or celebrating, and my skin has a nice pinkish tone not blue at all.” I giggle a little bit.
“Okay so if you’re not blue your happy. What are you celebrating?” He laughs now.
“You silly, celebrating the start of me being me again.” It takes me awhile before the accusation can properly sink in, he wants something serious from me. This mysterious but kind and stomach swirling person wants me to be his salvation? I’m more than happy to oblige.
“Where are you?” I ask, suddenly feeling very protective of my discovery sitting in a bar somewhere.
“Well that’s where you come in, you see I’m with Stu at the Presinct on chapel and we don’t know if we’re going to be able to get home on our own.” He’s speaking kind of funny, like a child almost. “You don’t have to come but Stu would like to meet you and also it gave me a reason to break the awkward first call barrier.” I laugh at him, it’s ten thirty and I have nothing better to do tonight or tomorrow.
“I’ll see you in twenty minutes don’t go anywhere.”
I walk into the bar, it’s impossible to miss him, sitting at the bar, bloody mary in hand contemplating the patterns the condensation makes on the glass. He exudes an air of calmness in the rapidly emptying building.
“Hey Star.” He turns to look at me and his face lights up.
“Hey gorgeous.” I look around but can’t see anyone who looks like they’re here with him.
“Where’s your’ friend?” I ask he giggles.
“He went home with an admirer.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me, knocks back the last of his drink and gets to his feet.
“Lucky girl.” I smile at him he smiles his bone melting smile straight on back.
“No, lucky guy.” We laugh together i look at his tab, he only had three drinks.
“You don’t need help getting home you’re barely tipsy.” I laugh, not caring just glad i get some time with him.
“I was going to need help when Stu was coming home with me too.” He pauses, straightening his jacket. “Coffee first maybe?” I nod trying not to seem to enthusiastic but wanting as much time with him as possible. We walk down the main street together, I shiver and he wraps an arm around my waist pulling me in closer to share his abundance of body heat. I don’t even hesistate in mirroring him, he smells like healthy clean male with earthy smells of ink and paint underneath. I found myself wondering how often it was that rescue missions turned into dates. After a cup of coffee and an hour without drinking he’s sobered up almost totally. I’m feeling reckless and this boy is making me hungry.
“I’ve had a great night, I think i can go home myself now.” My heart is in my throat, I take the opertunity and step in close to him.
“You don’t have to though.” I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me also going up on my toes to meet him half way. The soft heat from his lips roars through me setting me on fire.


It never happens like this. It’s meant to, we’re told it does but in reality, it just doesn’t happen. Beautiful girls with dark brown hair and green eyes don’t kiss you just a few days after you meet them, they don’t set your soul on fire whenever they touch you and they most definitely don’t refuse to let you go home alone. I pull away from the intense kiss that feels like Kayla wants to devour me from the mouth down, not in the way that leaves you wiping a tendril of drool from your chin but in the way where you feel empty when your lips finally part, like the person has taken a part of you with them, but by the same token you feel fuller because equal exchange is at work.
“Are you sure?” I ask her, resting my forehead against hers looking deep into the blue eyes staring back at me.
“Now that you’ve asked me, yeah I am.” She smiles and kisses me again, but this time it’s just a visitation. She pulls away and takes my hand, looking at me expectantly. Where to? The look asks.

The Second Date

A boy called Star

Melbourne, Australia

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Artist's Description

Starlyn’s story continues from where it last left off. Wrote about these guys a little while ago, just dug it up enjoy :)

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  • A boy called Star
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