The Slayer

I survey the scene in front of me, the skirmish was not clean. I walk among the carnage evaluating the corpses as I go. Six Vampires dead and fourteen humans, I poke a piece of bloody fur with the tip of one of my silver Khukuri and it shrivels up and turns grey. One Werewolf too. The Vampires weren’t old no more then a decade; there is no way that a more experienced vampire could be taken out by two humans I walked to a sword. Jesus they didn’t even have silver. Well at least they’d done my job for me. Covens never had more then six vamps in them. Too much competition you see. I stand and the ground crackles beneath me. I look down. It’s baked hard. One of the humans had been an Invoker, I looked at the dead and he was still alive by the look of it, none of them were wearing a Mages habit. I stand and look around the site. All the ground is baked brown inside a ten-meter wide circle outside of that the ground is moist and almost black. I see footprints heading to the east and drag marks going in the same direction I walk over to the gouges in the earth, there are marks where a creature has sunk its finger in to the second knuckle and pulled itself along, the grass under the drag marks was not only burnt but also withered and black not just brown. Times are a changing I guess, the kills are fresh no more then an hour old, a vampire can reset a broken spine in that time I run from the clearing to where my horse is tethered and jump on before I completely stop moving. No rest for those who hunt the wicked.

I find the Mage and his entrouge a half hour ride from the site, they are broken, one of the soldiers is missing a leg and the mage is completely drained of blood I hear heavy breathing and sobbing to my left and twirl with my knives in hand, a third soldier is sitting propped against a tree. I walk over to him and kneel.
“What’s your name soldier?” I ask I take off my glove and put my hand to his forehead, god he’s burning up I roll his head to the right and see two raised mounds on his neck with a red sore in the center of each. Bite marks.
“Artemis, personal body guard of Henry the seer,” the Invoker has a name, I look down at his sword. Silver, I roll his sleeve up and a human skull with fangs is tattooed to his bicep.
“You’re a Slayer and one vampire finished you?” I pull my bandana down, he’s paling before my eyes he has minutes at best.
“ He was ancient. At least four hundred. Immensely strong. He turned the Seer’s fire back against him.”
“You don’t have long, he infected you, two minutes at most.”
“End it” I nod and pull a long razor sharp spike from my belt
“Go in peace brother” He nods and closes His eyes and takes deep breaths I put the point against His bare chest and force it through his heart, it take a tenth of a second.
I stand and pull the bandana back over my mouth and re-mount my horse and set off towards town.

I loose his trail about a mile out from the town. I double back and find where his tracks end and that’s just it they end, there is one footprint then there are no more I dismount and study the ground more carefully I see another footprint but it is so light I don’t see it until I have my face only inches away from the ground. Damn he’s fleeting. I remount and head to town I can only hope he has to rest before he gets there.

Sasha closed the tavern door just as she ushered the last drunk home for the night, she bolted the door and went over to the bar pouring herself three fingers of whiskey.
“A lady as beautiful as yourself shouldn’t ruin her appeal by drinking spirits” Sasha jumped and spun to face the man who stood near the fireplace, the shadows seemed to stick to him. “Come to me” his voice seemed to physically touch her it felt like silk and smelled like honey and lemon. She fought it and felt the tattoo on her ankle burn.
“You have no power over me ancient one” the Vampire hissed at her.
“How do you fight me?” it asked the silk was gone, in its place where slivers of ice piercing her skin.
“The days of the ancients are numbered, the slayers rise again” she smiled at him drawing a long silver needle from her sleeve, silver won’t kill vampires like it will Lycanthropes but it will hurt them and make them heal humanly slow. This was long enough to pierce his heart also, but judging by how powerful he is I’ll need to actually remove it and destroy it to kill him. She thought to herself, he moves like mercury and is at her in seconds.
“Little girly wants to play with homicidal men and vampires? Ok girly let’s play” he spins away from her and she pulls a long knife from her boot, where the hell is Benji? She thought to herself. The bastard was meant to be here before closing to take me to the theatre. Shows how much a Slayers word meant. The Vampire came at her in a flash she spun out of the way and flicked with the blade, a long cut appeared in his tunic and a thin line of blood seeped from it,
“Not just silver, blessed silver, rune sharp too, who put the rune of protection on it girly? Who’s the lover boy?” The knife had been a gift from Benji.
“To keep away the monsters” he had said grinning, it never dulled if anything it got sharper, that’s the rune of protection I guess.
“That hurts something dreadful Darlin’ ” she looked down at his arm the blood was still flowing freely
Zeke babe, where are you, the vampire came at her as quickly and gracefully as only a vampire can, his movement was like quicksilver over polished marble, she fended him off with a slash from the knife and a stab with the spike, he hissed at her and tried to entrance her with his eyes,
“Look into my eyes all you want creature, I have an immunity” The vampire hissed again and came at her even faster then last time, but it was a feint, he slammed on the brakes at the last second and hit her on her left side rather then the front, the unexpected impact threw her to the ground, the vampire was on top of her before she could raise the weapons,
“You smell so good, like something I shouldn’t be aloud to have, ooh you are someone else’s chosen, I am going to enjoy this” his eyes darkened and his canines elongated to glistening inch and a half long fangs.
“Get off her you sadistic mother-,” I yell bursting through the door my deadly curved two-foot long blades glistening in the firelight.
“One more step and your beau will have her own set of fang marks pretty boy” I moved vampire fast, knives flashing and the vampire hissed loudly, in pain.
“Those are knives that have killed many ancient ones aren’t they? I can see it in them, they are very impressive, went right through the tendon,” he showed me his left hand which was flopping loosely by a flap of skin. His voice went from lion to kitten.
I moved again, my knives catching the dancing firelight, one catching the vampires throat ripping it clean out. He was ancient I would need to remove his head and take out his heart. His tried to hiss but that is a hard thing to do with no vocal chords. Blood poured freely from his wounds, I stab up wards inside his rib cage taking his dazed state to my advantage and felt a coldness rushing through the knife, I had pierced his heart. I swung my right-handed knife at his neck cutting right through, his head fell to the floor with a muffled thump. His body turning to dust instantly.

I run to Ruby and when I am close enough she clings to me like she hasn’t seen me for years.
“Don’t.Ever.Be.Late.Again” she said pausing to kiss me between every word.
“I promise, it’s ok gorgeous I’m here. Everything will be ok.”

The Slayer

A boy called Star

Melbourne, Australia

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Artist's Description

hey all i usual write as the vampire and make the hunters seem evil so i thought it would be fun to do the other view point. enjoy

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