New Women’s Chiffon Tops. They’re just so chiffon-y.

Steve  Liptrot

Steve Liptrot

Blaenavon, United Kingdom

Challenge win!!! Challenge win!!! Challenge win!!!

Hi All,

My image The Lancastrian has won the HDR Photography Challenge – The Beauty of Black & White in HDR. Thank you to all who have viewed, commented and voted for this image which is one of my most popular works.

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t uploaded much lately and wont be for a couple of months! The reason is I’m working away from home, in South Wales actually. A beautiful place in the UK but there isn’t any time for photography due to work commitments. Hopefully its only till the end of the year but i’ll still comment on other peoples work.

While I’m here I’ve realised I’ve been on Redbubble 1 year now and have viewed many excellent pieces of art etc and I have learnt alot from you guys also. I have also met some great photographers.

In the last year I have posted 1008 images with 100026 views. I have sold 18 pieces of work and received my first cheque from RB today! Not enough to retire on but its still a great feeling that people like your work so much their willing to pay for it.

OK guys I’ve a 1001 things to do before I venture back to South Wales sunday afternoon.

Bye for now


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