Self-taught playing the wandering artist in my spare time, I become an observer of life rather than its participant. Lines, darkness, light — defines and confines these depiction’s much like life. How each plays off the other dominates my little gray cells where imagination and possibility await realization or frustration. Simple graphite and white charcoal sells this artist’s conundrum nicely. Two-tone constraints does wonders for stoking creativity and difficulty, a perception shaded by the Dürer grid method but an absolute rule broken when circumstance and effect demands color’s power absolutely. Sticking with the Renaissance masters, I don’t care for ultra-realistic fine pencil work. Impressive, but I want drawings not faux photographs. Drawing inside and outside the box, subtle cross-hatching or the tattoo artists needle-like stippling affords enough detail reproduction to awe not mislead the senses.

Originals are available too for sale but only genuinely interested parties please. Or, perhaps you want something custom-drawn, I do commissions. Female figuratives and portraits a specialty. (e-mail me at for prices, terms, and conditions.)

Steve (aka the “corner artist”)

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Thank you to the person who bought three postcards of Dancing Feet.
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Thanks mystery person for buying General Smedley Butler: Semper Fi (Always Faithful) Personified, Style 1 T-SHIRT
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Artistic Libation Group Feature

Thanks Artistic Libation Group Feature for featuring Montparnasse Melodrama among its Thursday Features
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Thanks Artistic Libation ~ Spirits In Art Group

Just a word of thanks Artistic Libation ~ Spirits In Art Group for featuring Paris Society through the Cafe Window.
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