Welcome – Reality is a matter of perception. Everyone has a different one I think. That’s always a Good Thing. let me show your eyes and perceptions some new things. contact eon studio for original art sales on canvas – all eon art is available as a signed original – about eon art – new technology opens many new doors – art that seeks to express, to alter existing, perceived thinking – that is an enjoyable thought to consider. = Contact eon via e mail – for signed original artwork. – eon studio – e mail -stevehook27@gmail.com

eon the name – eon the word? it’s meaning = the longest division of geological time [noun] – (Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being & playing various roles in the operation of the universe. The all. It’s old, very wise and it likes great endings we all hope. let me show your eyes some new things.

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DEAD WEATHER – IN PARIS – LIVE – Best New Band Ive Heard in Years,

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The Truth about A Merry Car - FACTS ABOVE OUR PAY GRADE?

Top of the Tree insight – from a Top level insider- who wrote speeches / For heads of $TATE / [Video]
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Being Alive - comes in many Ways.

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Why sinkholes are expanding "-((

This is relatively new / Sink Holes there called. / Quote amazing how they " Just Appear?" / One a Day almost – somewhere on our sphere. / [Video]
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Do you Trust Your Government?

This is extreme however it has facts built in. / Why does the future contain such heavy technology? / [Video]
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