Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?

I was having a chat to the all in my thinking and I stumbled on the idea that I was asking it for forgiveness for all my transgressions.
Then I kinda put together the fact that I do believe I am simply a part of the all as we all are.
So I got to thinking that asking it for forgiveness was actually a call to myself.
So MMM the Catholics made a religion and business built on the idea that if you give your soul to them and any spare money that you get given redemption.
Save yourself the grief I say.
Forgive yourself for anything you feel you have done wrong.
If you have a soul it is made of the God stuff, making you a part of it.
Send your love to the all and be done with it.
Forgive them for they know not what they do is said to be JC’s final bestowal of forgiveness request for us all.
But hey that was a while ago.
You have to live with all the errors you have made.
It didnt take your life for being a bad person.
It gave you life so you could be you.
Warts and all.
You have learned from the mistakes? I hope " – )) I do my best to correct errors Ive made in the past when and where I can.
So Hey Forgive yourself and get on with being a better person each day and well
…………. let the chips fall were they may is what I say " – ))

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Have you ever asked God for forgiveness? by 

Hello..I’m here now you are too .. Thanks for popping in..The IT is everything ..All else is a matter of perception…. everyones is different….. thank goodness. If you like what you see you can buy a print or a signed original from the artist… contact eon art – stevehook277@icloud.com

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  • shadowlee
    shadowleeover 4 years ago


  • Amen and Awoman I think God is a bit of both " – ))

    – eon .

  • Elvira
    Elviraover 4 years ago

    Some thoughts after wild weekend?-))

  • Oh not so much the weekend, just a meditation about what this week may bring and a
    why things take so long sometimes thought that turned into wondering what may clogging up some movement on my plans " – )) So I forgave myself and now want to get on with it " – ))
    As ya do " – ))

    – eon .

  • MissingYou
    MissingYouover 4 years ago


  • I say AWOMEN too AMEN " – ))

    – eon .

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 4 years ago

    yep Amen to that…
    wonderfully said x

  • Hi Lisa " – )) It did give us all a FREE WILL
    I assume it wants us to use it ” – ))

    – eon .

  • limerick
    limerickover 4 years ago

    I am in agreement also. and a huge AMEN!!

  • Do you forgive yourself then? If YES.. WELL DONE " – )) Awoman and Amen " – ))

    – eon .

  • limerick
    limerickover 4 years ago

    I didn’t say I’d forgiven myself… yet. But I think it’s a wonderful thought to be out there. :)

  • It did give us all a FREE WILL
    I assume it wants us to use it " – ))

    – eon .

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 4 years ago

    to each his own and use your moments wiselyn Liz

  • " – )) thanks eo says eon

    – eon .

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioover 4 years ago


  • Well the catholics made a BIG Business of Salvation. Sorry a Bunch of Old Under sexed Old men running the World? Nup…Not at all a healthy thing. and Over 700 victims in the sexual abuse scandal court case in the US ie Catolics v The Abused congregation members in Calif. kinda says it all. and thats just the tip of a very very deep icebeg is my guess, so MMM as a aprt of the all I asume the all gave me a free will.
    Its nice to know we can all use it " – ))it would be but a sin not too " – )))

    – eon .

  • JaneSolomon1
    JaneSolomon1over 4 years ago

    God forgives us easily but we have trouble forgiving ourselves….even for our own humanness. xx

  • OM " – )) Kinda works for me the idea of applying ones free will as it was given " – ))
    with the right use of action and intent ofcourse " – )) Cheers Jane X

    – eon .

  • bearwings
    bearwingsover 4 years ago

    someone recently made the mistake of giving me a book of quotes, so at the risk of unwittingly repeating my self or worse still… …running out of good ones…. ….here goes.
    “the only thing in life that counts is intention”..Andrea Bocelli.
    there….i shall now go back to making my own up, it’s more rewarding.

  • Hi bear with altitude " – )) MMMM Indeed I agree with the Blind Wonder Man. Combined with right action, Intent is a powerful concept indeed " – )) Good Luck with your original words I’m sure they are inspired when you go for it " – )) Cheers Steve

    – eon .

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