Im looking at the net and thinking well there are people makin a buck here.

I just found this…so I thought I would share it. It has a couple of clues I think.

There are over 133 million blogs on the Internet.

This figure is according to, which also lists the average annual blogger revenue at $6,000 per year. They’re quick to point out that the $6,000 number is seriously skewed upward by the top 1% of blog owners, who make $250,000 or more per year.

The average median income for U.S. and European bloggers is only $200 a year.

Not a lot of money. One thing is clear, though – it’s possible to make a good living from your blog.

However, if you’re going to bring in more than $200 a year, you need a good “blog monetization” strategy.

Heather Armstrong from Salt Lake City knows how to make money from her blog. Her motherhood-themed blog,, has a loyal following of over 850,000 (mostly women) monthly readers. The estimated $40,000 in revenue it brings in each month has allowed both her and her husband to say goodbye forever to their 9-to-5 jobs.

So how does Heather do it? And more importantly, how can you do it?

You can start by implementing one or more of the following money-making strategies:

Search Ads – Placing search ads on your site is the most popular way among blog owners to bring in revenue. According to Technorati, 38% of bloggers use search ads on their blog. The most well known “search ad” provide is Google with their Adsense program. Microsoft and Yahoo have similar programs.

Display Ads – Display ads are the second most popular way to make money with your blog. According to, 28% of bloggers use display ads. A display ad typically includes an image or logo. To arrange for display ads on your blog, you can contact a company directly, or you can go through online advertising sites such as,,,, and

Rich Media Ads – These are the ads what temporarily take over your computer display. They are very flashy, and it’s impossible to ignore them. I’ve seen them used when promoting an upcoming movie opening or a new television series. Although not widely utilized (according to, only 4% of blog owners use them), they are still relatively new and could grow in popularity.

Promote Your Own Products – Market your own products such as e-books, online courses, coaching, etc. Soft sell approaches work the best. Talk about something interesting and then relate it to your product or service near the end of your post.

Include the appropriate link and suggest to your prospect that it might be a good idea if he clicked on it. Promote Affiliate Products – There are no shortage of sites that offer affiliate programs. They are quick and easy to sign up for – and some will even approve you as an affiliate on the spot.

If you’re writing a post that mentions a product you’ve had a good experience with, find out if it has an affiliate program connected with it. For example, if you run a poker blog, talk about the different types of poker chips that are available and supply affiliate links to purchase each grade of chip.

You can also sign up with sites that administer affiliate programs for other sites such as Commission Junction (,,, and

Donations – If the content you provide is useful and free (and/or ad-free), you can ask your readers if they’d like to donate money to keep your blog up-and-running. You see this quite often on political-oriented and “computer technical help” sites.

You simply add a “donate button” to your site and link it to your online transaction processor (Paypal or Paypal equivalent).

Set Up an e-Store – Some websites will provide you with everything you need to set up your own online store. provides their affiliates with the opportunity to set up and customize an “AStore.” is another popular site that lets you set up your own personal online storefront. allows you to personalize merchandise. It’s a great way to establish a blog brand, flex your creativity and make a few bucks in the process.

Flip Your Blog – Once you’re familiar with how to get a blog up and running, and you’re ready to make money, you might want to sell your blog. Especially if you enjoy starting a blog more than you do maintaining and nurturing one. SitePoint ( is just one of the sites where you could list your blog for sale.

Of course, not all blog owners set up a blog with the intent of making money. They use their blog to enhance their reputation within their industry. Which indirectly may lead to more money through speaking engagements, high profile writing assignments, and even business partnerships.

Put one or more of these 10 techniques into action, continually update your blog with fresh, interesting, relevant content … and as your search engine rankings and visitors increase, so will the income it generates for you.

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Making Monet from BLOGS


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  • aglaia b
    aglaia balmost 6 years ago

    very informative steve.
    can you do mine for me? lol
    i guess its back to the drawing board for me.
    oh nooooooooooo! ;-) xox

  • Hi Aglaia, Im just attempting to get my head around this whole concept. I have some advertisers looking at my HARDWARE idea. hey, people are making a buck and right now there is prbably a third of the world online at this exact moment, why should all the low quality Bloggers make all the bucks? So Im looking into whats what and whos who. Thought I might find a few others looking at it. Good Luck if and when I crack the code to making it all click into the Bank….I’ll let ya know ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • MuscularTeeth
    MuscularTeethalmost 6 years ago

    great read steve, its very informative. i get stuff like this sent to me in the various places ive signed up to.. mostly music based though.. stuff like if your a musician – upload your work to itunes etc NOW cos come christmas there will be a whole lotta brand new ipods and mp3’s needing to have songs on them…
    and your saying updating with fresh relvent content – coulndt agree with you more.

    nice read.

  • blamo
    blamoalmost 6 years ago

    I reckon you deserve a PR ………. bubble dot $tevo …………..great info

  • Go for it Mate, theres enough people flying around the super highway, just gotta get the signs put up on the right intersections ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBalmost 6 years ago

    I had a blog once, I kept it running for five years but for some reason when I applied to google adsense to display advertisements on it they turned me down, it had something to do with the X rated nature of my blog, which is puzzling considering the number of porn sites that displays them, I think it’s kinda funny how google adsense rejected my request to display ads, seeing as most of the time I get bombarded with them on both websites and in emails and I send them straight into the junk folder! :-) That was my one and only attempt at trying to be a blog whore hahaha. Great journal entry with lots of good ideas for generating cash Steve.

  • Hey Missy B. I subscribe to the concept that what goes around comes around. Do Good and get good, do bad get bad is what I preach to my kids… My turn is coming up ( ’ -)) Sooner than later I hope. One of the ideas will hit the mark then I’m off to my island. Easy Peasy.

    – eon .

  • blamo
    blamoalmost 6 years ago

    Well i will deffo rent a tent on your island Captain

  • eon .
    eon .almost 6 years ago

    Yep We can chat with GOD ON THE BEACH MATE ( ’ – ))

  • Faith Hunter
    Faith Hunteralmost 6 years ago

    of course, …….first you gotta get the readers.

  • Hi Faith..Im just looking at all this for the first time to be honest. Your right of course..I just thought Id share some info I just gleaned on the subject. It seems to provide some links to some ad revenue outlets so more power to anyone who can crack the cork on getting a blog happening that works. Good luck Cioa Steve ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • alneaimi
    alneaimiover 5 years ago

    great info and help for sure thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Al, I hope it provides some ideas.. Happy Ho Ho’s
    Cheers Steve " – ))

    – eon .

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