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This is the most factual account of why we are watching the current meltdown.
And why all that has occured HAS in the past 100 YEARS

They keep getting bounced off YOU TUBE WITH THIS.




Im so happy over a two hundred and 70 views already

Now imagine if 170 people all send these links to 10 people a day. Then more who are aware might just one day cause an avalanche and the house of cards might fall.


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Hello..I’m here now you are too .. Thanks for popping in..The IT is everything ..All else is a matter of perception…. everyones is different….. thank goodness. If you like what you see you can buy a print or a signed original from the artist… contact eon art –

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  • Phineous "Flash"   Cassidy
    Phineous "Flas...over 6 years ago

    its just outragous ive seen a bit of stuff lately relating to the bushes and nazis being in together bunch of turds i think it stinks

  • mychaelalchemy
    mychaelalchemyover 6 years ago

    I had a friend in the early 70’s who was a conspiracy theorist as well as investigating eschatology parallels (end of the world stuff, prophecies and how they all connected). I asked him if he really believed in such things, and he pointed out some deductions hem made from his gathered information…at the same time I was researching and investigating the granddaddy of all secret societies, the Illuminati…knew a person on the college lecture circuit who revealed the very things I was investigating, he was murdered mysterious and, after having in person someone who was an inventor/scientist, and discusiing these very similar things, he told me to be very careful who I talk to and whhat I revealed. He disappeared. Then, not 2 weeks later I was deathly poioned with strichnine in all of my food in my apartment…luckily my neighbor friend happened by soon enough to wisk me off to the hospital, having my stomach pumped among other things..The police investigated and discovered the poison and took it seriously, however, it was a dead end…the person I subletted the apratment from was a truly wonderful guy from Nicaragua and he decided to go back to his country and fight in the civil war there. Not 2 weeks himself into this he had his head blown off protecting some Nuns….I knew of this vaguely enough, about the money controls in my own researches, and, with all of these occurences around me personally, I clammed up…throughout the years I only brought it up in conversation to a few select souls, until I went completely underground with it…it saved my life, I believe, yet, I have some very close calls over time, too, but also being the skeptic in my approach, not out to prove or disprove for my own agenda, not even to discover the truth, but, instead, clarity of the whys and wherefores because much of what we know is not truth, or manufactured as truth, masquerading as truth…even Eisenhower knew the situation and I believe he coined the phrase Military-Industrial complex and warned against it, himself a former General and privy to behind the scenes intelligence…while it is all uncanny and has been rather synchronicitous for me, my last gf being the great granddaugther of Eisenhower (something I should not have revealed either) and, one of the reasons both personal and somewhat political I have become reclusive and finally, after getting fired, my depression was stepped up, too.
    For many, this will be a fantasy and seemingly like paranoia, but I didn’t clam up because of paranoia and to save my own life, but, to try and separate myself from the mainstream sheep. Isolation is what results and not anti-social as some may think. I am the friendliest person I know, but, am not seen in that light.
    This isn’t even the whole of it…but, I remind anyone, corporations, my biggest beef against them, are the ones controlling the purse strings, the gov as most govs around the world are puppets in their own laid upon experiments, to see which system rules out…most everything is being manipulated…

  • Intense insight MYchael. well I guess you can get into what these vids expose. My only hope is that a few people at least will pick up what the F..k is going on. Its just so hard to contemplate how anyone can do anything. In my research i have gleaned that two US presidents did in fact try to lift the veil. Abe Lincoln and JFK. So those pulling the strings can make a change whenever they feel it is required. Im happy to be in Australia again. I remember when I was living in the US. there was this weird energy around when ever you discussed what the government was and who was in control. Ah Well we can live in hope. At least there is stuff like this around to explain the litany of deciet. Cheers Mate, take care. ….Steve ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • sunism
    sunismover 6 years ago

    I watched No 3 and it is food for thought. Profit made from human suffering is corrupt. Hopefully exposure of these mad emperors of money making may turn their souls from evil to good. Wouldn’t be good if the truth could be so easy to see to make corruption transparent.

  • Hey Sunism Thanks for taking a peak. If you have the time take a look at all of them it will show you sooooooo much of what the system is. I cant recommend these links more highly. They keep getting bumped of You Tube, sometimes pure truth is too bright. Check em before they disappear. Cheers Steve ( " – ))

    – eon .

  • Van Cordle
    Van Cordleover 6 years ago

    I just watched all 5 parts, amazing stuff, kinda pisses me off that Ive been brainwashed and controled : ) Glad these things are out there being watched!!

  • Welcome to the Reality Factor side of the equation…Now you know the truth it all looks a bit different MMM ??? They say the truth will set you free, Well it does at least from the veil of deception. Cheers Mate ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • mychaelalchemy
    mychaelalchemyover 6 years ago

    the only problem with the vids are when you hear the voice of someone saying something, at times, I recognize some as people who wasn’t speaking about this but on some other subject instead, the sound byte quotes used for this agenda…This said, the vids do bring up some harsh hidden truths that go on behind the scenes in our so-called safe littlw worlds…there is alot people need to wake up or we are truly goners…but, most people don’t get it or believe it or simply happy with the status quo…in other words, sheep….

  • mychaelalchemy
    mychaelalchemyover 6 years ago

    even, as I mentioned Eisenhower tried to say something, as well as Carter, and even Reagan hinted at things being kept from us…Carter was shamed and Reagan was shot and eventually only added to the problem with his Reaganomics deal…
    It is difficult to call any of it a conspiracy without sheer proof, though.
    Yet, the powers that be seem to control or are subjugated to the forces that be have not helped anything either.
    Unfortunately only a few take heed, but it seems things are coming to a head and going to burst wide open, doesn’t it now?

  • ellamental
    ellamentalover 6 years ago

    WOW!! I heard about this being the way it was the very day it happened from my karate teacher… his main point was “what are the chances of vidios being set up at just the right angles to show what they want us to see?” HE also believes the Earth is hollow. Im starting to believe. My question is- What are WE going to do about all this?? By the way Mychael wizard man I see you in a friendly LIGHT!!

  • Zap it to as many souls who you feel may listen. is my vibe. At least if people can see that it might not just be "A CONSPIRACY TALK " Weel the more who are aware the better I guess. The facts speak for themselves.
    The laws mentioned are all on the public record. JFK tried to shift tyhe money supply back to the Government, he was planning to use the US postal service and Post offices as the means to distribute money that was minted by the people for the people, Then he visited Texas, If you owned the US Money supply, I guess you would stop at nothing to keep it. What I find so appalling is that the fat cats on Wall st. who just ripped everyone off are now getting a huge multi Billion dollar injection, with of course money that will be made with instant interest that the US citizens will have to pay over the long term, what so they can do more Great? Deals..They have the system by the Balls and they are milking it for more each day. I hope enough people see whats going on. Its time for another revolution I guess. Cheers Ella ( sorry about the balls comment but I cant think of another way to explain the huge grip they have on what makes it all tick. Ciao Steve ( ’ – )) x Hey the ripped it off again and today they get a bonus for doing so?

    – eon .

  • ellamental
    ellamentalover 6 years ago

    I admire your spunk Steve! I used to have it and its not that I wont get up to action when the General barks. Its just that I used to fight hard and then had my own family pull some shit on me that’s every bit as greedy, sneaky,deadly as what they are doing and I kept fighting for awhile,they had the state of Arizona working against me and I gave out after crooked attorneys{in Arizona} stole all my savings and worked for the other side, hand wrote my own motions for order, and wrote a brief for the Az. court of appeals. I don’t know why I’m bitching I know the needs of the many are more important than the needs of a few. I used to think I was tough, don’t know how I got so weak. Art has been my only salvation and that’s why I believe in it so much.Know that I will send out the message and if you think of anything else let me know. Thank you for your spirit and for your endless effort. Oh and if you know any attorney that will work for free and be willing to sue the State of Arizona let me know!!!

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayover 6 years ago

    Strange how the word revolution and parallels between the French revolution seem to come up a lot these days.
    I became interested in the Illuminati many years ago and after looking into backgrounds and connections it soon became apparent our fate was largely controlled by a select few.

  • Spooky Huh! ( ’ – )) Im waiting to feel free though ? Ciao..I’ll B Mail you with my number and you can give me a buzz about catchin up for a Coffee when Im relaxing in all the peace and calm of the Gold Coast 20th to the 27th MMM What fun ( ; – ((??

    – eon .

  • blamo
    blamoover 6 years ago
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