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OK we all spend an incredible amount of our lives in front of screens, there can be no denying that.
But heres a test for you. Of all you have ever seen…Which ones make your TOP TEN.

Heres Mine.

With some Clips even Thanks to the Wonders of the Net and You Tube.

Solaris With George Clooney = Kinda newish is my Fave @ the mo Movie wise.
The MATRIX 1 & 2
La Vien Rose the story of Edith Piaf
Blade Runner
Le Femme Nikita
Clockwork Orange
2001 Space Odessy

COME ON TRY IT TOP TEN ( ’ – )) Its not easy though.

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Whats Your TOP 10 MOVIES OF ALL TIME? by 


Hello..I’m here now you are too .. Thanks for popping in..The IT is everything ..All else is a matter of perception…. everyones is different….. thank goodness. If you like what you see you can buy a print or a signed original from the artist… contact eon art –

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  • wendyL
    wendyLalmost 6 years ago goes Gone With The Wind, Gia, Cleopatra,Rebel Without A Cause,Zoolander, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,What’s love Got to Do With it,Full Metal Jacket,My LIFE and last but not least, Beaches

  • Elo, Lovely Lady…Well You would be one enjoyable individual to get snow bound in a cabin with.So long as the Video Store and Vodka outlet was open still. And hey Green is a great colour to watch movies with too…..Ciao Steve ( ’ – ))
    Full Metal Jacket is an unexpected entry though ( ’ – P ….Like a bit of REAL WORLD GRITTY MEN ACTION MMMMM?

    – eon .

  • wendyL
    wendyLalmost 6 years ago

    dad was a marine, can’t help it! LOL

  • margpie
    margpiealmost 6 years ago

    Ghost, Shrek,shrek2,shrek3,gone with the wind, final destination, (thats all three in the trilogy), fiddler on the roof, and freaky friday… a good mix eh?!

  • Cool..So whats the last two. Inquiring Minds Need To Know ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • ENaLu
    ENaLualmost 6 years ago

    Local Hero (Burt Reynolds is just a God in this!)
    Come back to the five and dime Jimmy dean (Robert Altman my fav Director of all time!)
    Apocalypse Now (still inspires me to make movies)
    Death in Venice( Dirk Borgade is unbelievable)
    Shampoo (OMG just touch my hair Warren!)
    The Party ( that floating shoe!)
    Joan of Arc ( ok I was like 7 and I wanted to dedicate my life to God but I had to wear that sexy armour!)
    Blade Runner (Ripley rocks)
    Harold and Maude (the ultimate love story, nothing beats it, the graduate comes close)
    Samsara (best sex scene ever!)

  • ENaLu
    ENaLualmost 6 years ago

    god I mean Burt Lancaster!!!!! Oh dear it’s late

  • Great List. I knew with your LOVE of FILM that you would have a good One. So do you like the idea of a Duet? I DO…. I was the Singer in a Band from age 16 to 25..Then I managed Bands. The Best Gig I ever Did was supporting AC / DC at ICELAND Ringwood. 3500 AC DC Fans create an energy I assure you. ( ’ – ))

    – eon .

  • Van Cordle
    Van Cordlealmost 6 years ago

    Jaws, the Exorcist (when it first came out), the matrix -I liked all 3, Terminator 2, Alien 1&2, Bladrunner, The good the bad and the ugly, 2001Space Odyssey,
    Blade 2, Once upon a time in the west, SW -The Empire strikes back, Predator – more than 10?
    Hard to make a top 10 when there are so many good ones

  • Thanks Van, Great list. I did mention in the intro that its not easy to do. Cheers Steve

    – eon .

  • margpie
    margpiealmost 6 years ago

    the final destination movies count as three lol

  • ENaLu
    ENaLualmost 6 years ago

    sure lets duet! We can be the “NEW” ……………… !!!!!

  • ENaLu
    ENaLualmost 6 years ago


    whoops lol

  • ENaLu
    ENaLualmost 6 years ago

    last one priceless

    WHOA!!!!!!!! I gave u my HEART!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like those and How About"THIS":

    – eon .

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