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Heres how it works 4 Me. If you can consider that something made you and all of nature and time and space.and it gave you the ability to think comprehend feel and live in every moment. Then it is words that it needs to speak to you.
I use a dictionary in a rather unusual way. I ask questions then open randomly, with a trust that it has an ability to communicate with me.Random words, that become answers. Its a process I have used for years to track what the unknown can tell me of its presence. Next time you have a big question,or even a small one seriously consider that the perfect answer can be found. or provided by what made you. Then pop your pointer at random into a good dictionary. Its like sex you have to try it to understand the feeling. Cheers THIS IS WHAT IT SAID IT WAS. When I asked it last night.

Force Pronunciation[fawrs, fohrs] Pronunciation Key – Pronunciation noun, verb, forced, forc·ing. –noun
1. physical power or strength possessed by a living being:
2. strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; to use force to open the window; to use force on a person.
3. strength; energy; power; intensity: a personality of great force.
4. power to influence, affect, or control; efficacious power: the force of circumstances; a force for law and order.
5. Law. unlawful violence threatened or committed against persons or property.
6. persuasive power; power to convince: They felt the force of his arguments.
7. mental or moral strength: force of character.
8. might, as of a ruler or realm; strength for war.
9. Often, forces. the military or fighting strength, esp. of a nation.
10. any body of persons combined for joint action: a sales force.
11. intensity or strength of effect: the force of her acting.
12. Physics. a. an influence on a body or system, producing or tending to produce a change in movement or in shape or other effects.
b. the intensity of such an influence. Symbol: F, f
13. any influence or agency analogous to physical force: social forces.
14. binding power, as of a contract.
15. Baseball. force play.
16. value; significance; meaning.
17. Billiards. a stroke in which the cue ball is forcibly struck
18. to compel, constrain, or oblige (oneself or someone) to do something:
19. to drive or propel against resistance:
20. to bring about or effect by force.
21. to bring about of necessity or as a necessary result: to force a smile.
22. to put or impose (something or someone) forcibly on or upon a person:
23. to compel by force; overcome the resistance of:
24. to obtain or draw forth by or as if by force; extort: to force a confession.
25. to enter or take by force; overpower:
26. to break open (a door, lock, etc.).
27. to cause (plants, fruits, etc.) to grow or mature at an increased rate

Hey it is what it is. see what it wants to tell you. Any dictionry is all it needs. If you believe it is still in motion, it just may be able to communicate with us. It is everything you know. Think of it as the new and improved TAROT of this millenium.


Hello..I’m here now you are too .. Thanks for popping in..The IT is everything ..All else is a matter of perception…. everyones is different….. thank goodness. If you like what you see you can buy a print or a signed original from the artist… contact eon art –

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  • butchart
    butchartover 6 years ago

    nice… very very nice….. you must have not only heard but felt the force…….. i can’t keep up with you today…………………………b

  • entity
    entityover 6 years ago


  • Jase812
    Jase812over 6 years ago

    Brilliant Steve ! it all makes sense !

  • I hope your well and with a great dictionary Mate " – ))

    – eon .

  • Magicat
    Magicatover 5 years ago

    Very cool image and even cooler theory…I do this too..with many different books….interesting and enlightening isn’t it! :0) I guess you could call it a kind of universal conciousness.

  • Hi Ya Magical One " – )) Any Good Words and dep meanings poped up your way lately? " – )))

    – eon .

  • John Fish
    John Fishabout 5 years ago

    somehow you conveyed perfectly these words. I really love this in that it is what I can’t quite see that gives it power to me. an light that I can’t focus my eyes on, yet I know it is there and can feel it.
    great idea with the dictionary also

  • Hi John Its a Theory and it works for me " – )) Cheers steve

    – eon .

  • Karen Stackpole
    Karen Stackpolealmost 5 years ago

    Interesting image, so much to tell, hidden just out of reach. You watch and it starts to show it’s self and just when you think you can see it, it disapears again, until you try and find it again………………………

  • Hi Karen nice of you to pop in has your dictionary given you any good answers lately?? " – )))

    – eon .

  • sable
    sableover 4 years ago

    mmmm………another of your works in motion I see……….nice one – so is the music.

  • Hi ya…. Watch it a dictionary might give you the answer you have been asking about " – )) Ciao Sable…thanks for poppin in too

    – eon .

  • sable
    sableover 4 years ago

    I have been doing that delving into a book/dictionary thing for several years now.
    What was the question?

  • Light stuff is fun? The Meaning of life? Whats the best advice for me at this point in time… usually gets some on target answers " – ))

    – eon .

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