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thanks again for everyone who bought up big last night, was quite happy hearing my phone vibrate to say another sale had occurred!

thanks again, please post them on the buyers wall!


3d tv

Hi all,

Just wanted to say in public that 3D TVs have been around for ages. I believe the dimensions currently noted are;
Width and

Now, clearly “2D” TV has Width and Length and no Depth. BUT it does still have time.

This makes our “2D” TVs 3D and “3D” TVs 4D

I know it’s getting down to the nitty gritty detail.

Thanks for reading


Another nameless buyer

Hi Y’all

Thank you to whoever purchased my “it’s not you, it’s me (but really it’s you)” Tee

If you have a name, please send me a bubble mail, would like to say thank you personally…. well…. bubble mailally.



Thank you all for the sales

Thank you very much for all the sales this month! REALLY appreciate them!

If you get a chance to take a photo for the buyers booth that would be WELL APPRECIATED!!!!!

Kind Regards,

Steve Grigoriadis


Thanks to all who have surfed on the stupendous electronic waves of my pages.

Thank you to all who have purchased a tee or two over the years!

another sale!

hey guys,
Thanks again for the couple of sales today! Let me know when you get them what they are like.

take some photos and send them to me.

thanks again!

thanks to whoever purchased the last 2 tees! not sure if your the same person, or two different people.
If there is a chance, could you guys take some photos of yourselves wearing the tees for me to post.