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I first became interested in photography when I received a Kodak Instamatic ( with magicube flash ) for my 11th birthday. I studied photography at secondary school, I use the word “studied” lightly, as at the time I couldn’t understand a word they were on about.
Many years later I purchased a Minolta X-300, which led me to join the southern districts camera club in SA., where I took the honour of " Slide of the year " and second for portraits in my first year. Second year there netted me a trophy for composition.
All this led to me owning another Minolta, a X-700 plus studio strobe, slaves, flash meter, lpl enlarger and all the gear to develop and print your own, which I never got tired of.
In this age of digital I use Nikon most recent aquisition a D90, with various lenses. I find this just as interesting as the old analogue technique, except for having to be computer savvy to a degree, which I’m not.
Look forward to putting some shots up on the Bubble with all you fine folk.

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A very very big thank you to the person that purchased a postcard of " Sunrise over Stanley" / I’m not here for the sales but it is great to know that others appreciate your work enough to purchase it. Thanks again.
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