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Inspired by this marvellous Redbubble journal: An Epic Collection of Bike Art and Design, I decided to browse my favourites folder for great bicycle art. Although I like to photograph or include bicycles in my own work, I already feared that there would be only few in my fav’s. And I must say: it’s even less than I thought already! I definitely will do something about that right away ;) .
However, I really enjoyed scrolling through my 180 pages of fav’s to find these great bicycle images:

by Qnita

I Love My Bike
by Andy Scullion

by Marc-André Jung

Old School
by Scott Hafer

Returning From The Fields
by naturalnomad

Abandoned in the snow
by Marjolein Katsma

bicycles at the station in the snow
by schaduwvacht

Cool bikes
by bubblehex08

Glow (Monochrome)
by Mieke Boynton

Ping Yao – Go to work.
by Jean-Luc Rollier

And here are some from my own portfolio:

Leading the way

Will freedom be our inheritance

Yellow bike and pink flowers

In the 'bakfiets' to the 'oliebollenkraam'

We'll stay home today!

“Music for the bicycles ":

Metrostation – 'Wait – Stay'
by steppeland

Thanks, Redbubble, for asking our attention for this great artistic theme ;)


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