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Thematic catalogue of my work

Welcome to view my work!
You can either search my portfolio by using your own tag-words, or by using the thematic links underneath.

I – HOW TO use your own tags – 2 simple steps:

In order to search my work using your own specific keywords (tags) :
Step 1 Copy and paste the following address in the address bar or follow the link ( Note: you will get a ‘page not found’ message first! ) :

Step 2 Add your own keywords or tags behind the last / in de address bar.
You can use more than one keyword, divided by a +
LINK + “landscapes+autumn” = Landscapes Autumn

LINK + “flowers+blue” = Flowers blue

If you don’t find much the first time, while it is likely that I should have something on that subject, please try slight variations (singular/plural) or synonyms.

II – Direct links:




Amsterdam – This is Amsterdam_collection / Anemone / Animals / Autumn /


Bears / Benches / Beverages / Bicycles / Black / Black and white / Blue / Bobcat / Boys / Bridges / Butterflies


Calendars / Cards / Challenge winning images / Chickens / Children /
Christmas / Christmas Greeting Cards / Close-ups / Coffee / Cormorants / Cranes / Crested Grebes


Dance / Digital art / Drinking / Drinks / Drops / Doors / Dutch text


Endangered animals / Endangered flowers and plants / Elephants / Ethiopia / Eyes


Fall / Family / Feathers / Featured work and top10 placements / Fire / Flamingoes / Flowers / Flowers Calendar – English title: ‘Flowers all year round’ / Fog / Food / Fungi / Fungi Calendar – English title: ‘Mysterious Mushrooms’ / Fur


Gardens / Garden flowers and plants / Geese / Gibbon / Giraffes / Girls / Great Cormorants / Grebes / Green / Grey Crowned Crane


Halloween / Holidays / Holidays greeting cards


Ice / Iguana / Inverted /


Jackdaw / Japanese Crane / Japanese Macaque


Kennemer Duinen / Kids
Kingcups / Knotted willows / Kunstmarkt 2010


Landscapes and scenery / Leaves / Lichen / Light / Lions / Long Tailed Tit / Lynx


Macro / Mannequins / Market / Milk / Mist / Mimosa / Mother – Mom / Mother’s Day / Mushrooms / Music / Mysterious Mushrooms – Fungi Calendar


New Year greeting cards


Orange / Orchids / Otters /


People / Photo journalism / Portraits


Queen Beatrix


Red / Red crowned crane / Red Ruffed Lemurs / Rain / Rainbow / Roses


Ships / Shops
Snow / Soft / Spring / Stairs / Statues and sculptures / Street photography / Summer / Sun / Sun flowers / Sunlight /


Tits / Thanksgiving / Transport / Trains / Trees / Tulips / Turkeys




Valentine’s Day / Valerian / Vultures


Warm /
"Water"": / windows / Winter / white / Wooden / Woods / Wood Anemone /



Yellow / Young


Thank you so much for your visit. Enjoy my work!


    JUSTARTover 4 years ago

    great idea !

  • Thank you, Sylvia – still a good bit of work, but I like to work on it :)

    – steppeland

  • Richard G Witham
    Richard G Withamover 4 years ago

    Great idea and one which will make searching your gallery mush easier – resembles a site map.

  • Thanks a lot, Richard – and even if nobody would make use of it… I will! ;) LOL

    – steppeland

  • Owed to Nature
    Owed to Natureover 4 years ago

    You are brilliant! Such a superb idea and execution. Hope you don’t mind if I copy your idea someday…?
    p.s. And I hope you don’t mind a technical question. How do you insert the dividing lines to section your writings? I haven’t learned/figured out the code for that yet. ;-)

  • Sorry, I had to delete this message a few times, because the system didn’t type my description in the way I wanted it – so third attempt ;) :

    Thank you so much, Sylvia! Of course you can copy the idea, most welcome!
    The dividing lines, you make them with three * without spaces in between.
    There has to be a free line (paragraph-break) before and after, so you type:

    - Maybe you find a few handy layout tips or links in my journal here too ;)


    – steppeland

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamover 3 years ago

    Geez your whole profile is so well laid out – very professional and easy to navigate. This is really well done – I’ll have to take a leaf out of your book because you’ve got this nailed!

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Thanks a lot for such a great compliment, Damiennne. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it does pay off to try and be consequent – and to keep to a certain ‘set-up’ LOL.
    Good luck with finding your own way with it all, I’m happy I could be of help! ;)

    – steppeland

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamover 3 years ago

    I’ve already started – only got a few pages done and I’m making some graphics now – like you said, it is just a matter of getting down and doing it. Once you have the basic setup laid out, I’m sure it doesn’t take much to keep it updated.

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamover 3 years ago

    (By the way, I think you might have meant ‘consistent’ instead of ‘consequent’ ? – Your English is seriously impressive, I hope I haven’t offended you! Feel free to delete this lol)

  • Oh, your right, Damienne, I meant concistent – even didn’t realise I used a non-english word LOL! Thanks for correcting me, really! That’s so helpful, and only few people dare to do it. And it’s truly only in that way that I can learn and improve. So, happy you did! (and thanks for the compliment! ;) )

    – steppeland

  • and now still to spell it right… : ‘consistent’ LOL

    – steppeland

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamover 3 years ago

    lol ok I’m glad you didn’t mind! Oh and consequent is a real word, just not the right one for that sentence. I so wish I could speak another language – I’m in awe of you. I’m always so impressed by Europeans particularly because you guys are so often multi-lingual – it is wonderful!

    Anyway lol enough of my rambling! See ya!

  • LOL, Damienne, thanks ;)

    – steppeland