Redbubble Layout - various tips, hints and links

Over the time I have been on Redbubble now, I have come across several good hints and tips to make layout on Redbubble. Some of it I remembered, some journals or forum posts I linked or saved as favourites, others I forgot or lost again.

Today, I discovered another layout tip, just by accident LOL

Maybe it is described somewhere else, but I didn’t read it, I just saw it happen while working on a layout… In order not to forget this, and maybe share it with others, I decided to start this journal, and collect more layout tips and hints here.

note : the highlighted frame code described here seemingly only works in forums, not in a journal – and only at the very top of the post, not in the middle
And the heading-code gives a different effect in the journal and in the forums.
Please compare the screenshot (forum) with the journal text underneath :)

Highlighted frame in forums

>So, in order to make a highlighted frame around your text, like the one you see on top of the forum-post in the screenshot …

you start your sentence with a > sign, then no space but text immediately

Making a heading

And another one I discovered myself, some time ago, is

How to make a heading like this

1. write text of the heading
2. hit enter
3. type = ( OR 5x = / works the same )
4. hit enter x2

Edit April 1, 2011 – this heading code doesn’t seem to work any more

Superscript for reference numbering
place numbers between two square brackets [ ] without spaces
[ 1 ] = 1

>>> works only with numbers, not with text

Other interesting and helpful links:

webgrrl’s RedBubble Format CheatSheet

webgrrl’s format n found by accident..

Dave Pearson’s Hack: Better text formatting hints

TUTORIAL:Add a Slide show to your Redbubble Profile/Bubblesite

aglaia b ’s way to do the square crop of calendar images so as to be more HP friendly.

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