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Steph Stewardson combines her two great passions in life – painting and music. The result is an exciting journey which transports the viewer to concert halls, clubs and stadia across the world, so they feel as though they’re right there – in the audience, feeling the energy and enjoying the music.

Born in 1970, and raised in Scotland, Steph became aware of her love for art at an early age. Her creative nature took her into a career as a graphic designer, while painting remained a constant hobby.

In 2008 a move to Australia gave Steph the opportunity to take up painting full-time. It was in this period she decided to combine her lifelong love of live music, with her contemporary impressionist painting style and using many photos taken at concerts across Europe, the States and Australia as inspiration for her most recent works. Working with acrylic on canvas she enjoys painting large and dramatic pieces bringing to life the mood and the excitement of the moment.

Steph lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Age: 45
  • Joined: March 2010