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Hello and thanks for visiting my gallery!

  • As my business name has now changed from “Stephotos” to “Silvergum Photography”, I have made a Silvergum Photography Redbubble account to maintain consistency. . All my landscape and seascape images will now only be available to purchase from my new account. I’m still keeping this one though, as I don’t want to lose contact with the friends I’ve made here!

I am a Melbourne based photographer with a love of nature and seascape photography. Actually, any landscape with water flowing through it also inspires me so the more water the better! My gallery includes plenty of seascapes from around Australia, plus some landscape and nature images from New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

People photography is another genre I have always loved. I do not post portraits here but my business Silvergum Photography focuses on natural portraits and wedding photography. I love to capture the spontaneity of the moment and specialising in finished artwork I provide my customers photographs they can treasure forever. If you are interested in having a look at my portraiture, come right this way! .

I use a Canon 5DmkIII and a variety of L lenses. Occasionally my new 18mm Zeiss lens gets a run when the scenery calls for it. What a lens!

I hope you enjoy viewing my images.

  • Age: 41
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