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Saying No to Apple

I’ve decided you will not be seeing my artwork on the back of a Redbubble/Apple iPhone case.

My art is art, not an addon or bling. Whilst I believe in diversification, this new product offering does not fit in with my ethos.

Keeping the Sanity

Both of these simple pleasures are what keep me sane:
~ Finding and photographing scenes that people enjoy enough that they choose to buy for home or office display, plus
~ Making interesting, funny, and odd graphics that people like enough to want to wear on a tshirt!

Yet tonight I have chosen to create the following image.


The text is actually a screen-dump of text written in MSNotePad. This has been done to prevent search-engines from affiliating my gallery with such words. It is also displayed on my Redbubble home page.

This ‘issue’ has gotten too much publicity and is driving me insane.
Well, not insane, just a little crazy. It’s no longer about liking or disliking, it’s about exposure.
I am not a prude, but I have my limits. I might…

Group Names that have so many words that they seem to go on forever and ever and ever.

Please, group moderators, please keep your group names simple and to the point. It exasperates me when a group has more than 5 words in the tittle.

THEREFORE: I have removed myself from all groups that feel the need to lengthen their group-name with such words and things like:

… ! ♥ ♠ ♣ ♦ symbols both front and back of the group name
… (Limit 2 per day)
… (2 photos per day only please)
… Animals only
… (max. 4 per day please)
… (MUST have description & ONLY 2 per day
… ’ (Include bright shots of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Lightening)
… (2/24hrs – no flowers, insects, adults)
… (No Photography, Digital art and Abstracts)
… (Invitation Only) (closed for entries temporarily)
… asteris…

One Calendar = Free Shipping

The shipping costs for a load of calendars = AUS$16.93
One calendar = AUS$17.00
We are better to purchase enough calendars to get FREE shipping.
Well, that’s my theory and I am sticking with it.
Now to sell them…

Idea: Change Colour of 'Buy/Preview' Button

I’ve put a new suggestion within the Redbubble Feedback- forum:

  • Change colour of ‘Buy/Preview’ button to BLUE or RED.

Too often my clients don’t see the ‘Buy/Preview’-button, I have to physically point it out to them on the screen. So either white on red or white on blue.

I’ve had three people in the last two weeks say on the phone ‘What button? Where?’. Although at the time it was slightly amusing, I’ve slowly realised that this is really quite disconcerting and needs to be remedied.
How many more potential purchases have not happened because the viewer couldn’t see the ‘Buy/Preview’-button upon their screen?

And thankfully this is an easy fix: The existing image simply needs to be recoloured, no extra coding is …

Looking for Answers

I have received an email from a Redbubblian asking many interesting questions. Rather than just my opinion and answers, I welcome everyone to respond with their experience and knowledge.

{1} If someone asks you to photograph an event (for free) is it OK to then sell a print from the day?

{2} Do I have to obtain a model release form if the person is under 18yr or not?

{3 Sometimes I attend a Model-Shoot where I pay to attend … with the understanding that we can pass on some of the photos to the model. Do we have to obtain a release form if we want to upload to Redbubble (or other similar websites)?

{4} I attended a shoot organised by an individual whom we paid. Do we have rights to use the photos from that shoot?

Yes, some of these questions may have relatively straight-forward answe…


I was asked about a week ago to perform a critique/review of another person’s artwork.

As I have never formally written my opinion of another person’s work … other than the usual ‘This is freaking marvelous!’ or ‘Love the POV, DOF, gaussian-blur, clarity, colouring, detail, macro, etc etc!!’ , I’ve never thought about disecting a person’s photograph to reveal all its good and bad points.

Yet the idea of doing so completely fascinates me. How many of us can honestly say we liked ALL the artwork hanging at the local gallery? Invariably we have an opinion about one piece that seems to appeal to others but not to us? In your mind you go through all the reasons it just doesn’t appeal, yet you know nobody really is going to listen R…

Question #001

Are you displaying any of your own Redbubble Artwork within your home?
How many? Card, Canvas, Frame, etc?
Feel free to display the link/original image from within your gallery.

I’m keen to know how many artists buy their own work. Because, as I often say to other artists, if it’s so good to put onto Redbubble for someone else to purchase … Have you bought it yourself?

Answer this any which way you want, I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

This is the first of a variety of questions I will be asking Redbubble Artists over the next few weeks.

Defining the Artist Within

As usual I’ve been reading journals around Redbubble where I’ve stumbled across something of interest: An article asking this question

  • Are you an ARTIST?

Because my comment was getting quite lengthy, here it is:

Let’s look at the word Artist. It has two syllables, each of which are pertinent to this discussion.

ART … Well, that is a subjective subject, that is very often objectified, objected to, and made an object of conjecture. Don’t get me started on that word.

IST … This is the important component, and this is the best explanation I can give.

The suffix -ist is a suffix which is added at the end of a noun which corresponds to those verbs which end in the suffix -ise (which is spelt in American English as the suffix -ize) or those nouns which end in

Pleasure from Profit from Pleasure

Interesting point of view on Gerijuliaj’s journal , a response to Steve Axford’s journal (which I cannot locate at this time). Here is my response:

I sell a few photographs here and there, and, yes, some that I never thought would ever sell! But I’ve never let those sales affect the view I see when I look through my camera.
If anything, those sales have made me focus on what I like, shoot those shots, and then focus on how to sell that image to the person in the street. So far that’s working for me. I never say to myself “Let’s find a photograph that will sell.”, I just shoot the images that appeal to me.
Has it effected the ‘soul’ of my work? Nope, because to get so hung on one one style is allowing yourself to go stagnant and stuck…