Finally a Father!

BIG NEWS: I am the proud father of a little boy who arrived in the world at 8.45pm on 9th June 2012, weighing 3955g and 51cm long.

Wooooooo hoooooo! CIGARS ALL ROUND… get your own.

PS: The nurses, doctors, midwives and other specialists at the WCH are very nice, they did an excellent job, were so nice to all off us … and let me shoot about 400 photographs AFTER baby arrived.

Sorry, no photographs will be displayed on Redbubble, at least no yet. Not until the boss (read: the wife) goes through the hundreds of photographs we captured of her and her son.

Wow, our son. We have a son.

I am a Dad. Daddy. Dada. Father.

Still feels surreal, yet I am over-the-moon!

These Cards Have Been Given a New Home

As previously mentioned, I purchased fifteen of my own photographs as cards. I’d ONLY planned to give a few away as gifts to close friends, and in particular to the one person who convinced me that my photography was worth selling. She knows who she is.

So this morning I brought fifteen cards into work purely to allow these friends to choose the picture they liked most … and allow them to have it for FREE. These are the photographs they choose.

… for Yve
… for Rosie
… for Jenny
… for Liam

Little did I realise what would happen next…

First, Jenny liked them so much she insisted (read: I caved) on having four more. Who am I to argue with a woman? So I decided on a price, she agreed … and I earned another ten dollars. Yes, I reduced the cost …