Last Feature for 2011

So amazing!
I only shot this image on Sunday afternoon … and today (Wednesday, 28.Dec.2011) my photograph entitled Wool Shed 1 was featured in The Weekend Photographer

View: Photographic Print, Extra large (762mm x 505mm), Lustre finish = $36.58

Awesome, grand, and inspiring me to get out and shoot more!

Yet since I am so busy with my day-job and a photo shoot on NYE, I’m betting I don’t get any more features until 2012. ;)

Hope you all had a grand Christmas (and you got all that you wanted and needed), Sure you’ll all have a grand New Years Eve and an even more fantastic New Year.

See you all in 2012!

Melted Fixings in Featured Bathroom

Wow, what a cool honour ~ for my ‘hot’ bathroom!

My manipulated photograph of our bathroom during a hot summer is now being featured within the Bathroom group . Thanks to the moderators for considering my work worthy of such an honour!

Here is the featured artwork, followed by two more images created to make it a short series:

To Damn Hot

Hot Damn Hot

Hot Metal

For those wondering, this really is the actual tile colour of our bathroom. Though without the melted tiles, metal and porcelain.