The Function of Tagging Artwork #2

Firstly, there needs to be a simpler method for artists to get to their portfolio .
The current way is…
~ Top right corner is MyBubble . Hover over it to reveal a dropmenu:
~ This menu displays option to go to Your Public Profile .
~ Now you are at your main profile page. Below or nearby your Top-6 images is View all Art . Through that link, you’ll find a window similar to this….

This is a great idea for viewing artwork, yet not necessarily what every artist wants to see. Yeah, my image above suggests what I would love to see.

What I do like is that I can order my artwork by ‘All Time Popular’, ‘Top Sellers’ and ‘Recent’. It’s fascinating for the artist to see this … yet why would any buyer need to know my ‘Top Sellers&…

The Function of Tagging Artwork #1

Redbubble, I still like you, but where are your senses? Did you think your artists, groupies, fanatics and buyers would not notice?
Let me explain…

When I put tags on my work, I am enabling two things to happen:
~ My viewers to find similar works from my gallery.
~ Making it easier to group and classify my OWN artwork. This means I can send clients a ONE-word link to find artwork upon my gallery.

Yet it appears the tags beneath each artwork within my gallery enable visitors to search the ENTIRE site. They are meant to ONLY allow searches upon MY work!


is tagged with
cloud , crease , ferris wheel , layering , paper , photoshop , ras2010 , royal show , sky and stain

You have them linked with your EXPLORE link:
ras2010 ….

Whereas when…

Coping with Limited Tagging

Written in response to Philip Johnson’s article*: How Does Reducing Tags on your Art Increase the chance of Finding Your Art ?*

As someone who went to the effort (around 50hours of work!!) to amend all the tags, I totally understand your pain. My only hope is that the next feature to roll-out on Redbubble is a more complex categorisation field that is also available for groups to utilize (whereby group owners can asign what category their group covers ~ with obvious restrictions!)

My only suggestion for users, and I am still testing if this is effective: Write a very descriptive story in your sidebar about the work ~ that include all the words you had to remove.

I still love Redbubble, so rather than whining: I am upping my marketing campaigns, selling my work further around the int…

Now with Limited Tagging

Six days ago my traffic count was approximately 152,000 hits on 500 images.
Considering that my photo-gallery has been culled several times over the last few years, it is still amazing to watch the traffic on each image jump sporadically!

Now that we have been forced to reduce our tags to only ten, I have spent many late nights (after working long days) to ensure the tags are what I want them to be and not what Redbubble would have them be if I left the job in their hands. This is not to say they would do a bad-job, but that they might not meet my requirements.

So, in the process of culling , I have also removed about 80 photographs and hidden another 30. Consequently, my traffic count now reads around 145,000. Still quite impressive for three years with

The job completed (m…

My Thoughts on Limited Tagging

I have mentioned in the new article regarding the limited tagging that I am opposed to this decision by Redbubble.

Whilst I still disagree and believe this is very limiting for those of use who utilise tags to enable search-engines to find our work for the whole wwworld, there is an upside to all of us, particularly for me:

I’m cleaning out all those tags that are totally unnecessary. Currently all my photographs (except the first 5 pages that I have currently cleaned up) contain these tags:
photographer, ecreate, stephen mitchell, stephentrepreneur, stephen, mitchell, portfolio, gallery.

It made sense, when I first joined Redbubble, just over three years ago, for me to put these into the tag box on every photograph. I know how search engines work, I have been putting META-tags into …

Marketing with Pelicans and Rats

My two latest articles on my Wordpress journal will explain the title:

Photographs of Australian Pelicans

Wearing Shirts to Escape the Rat Race

PS … See more of my T-Shirts:
Shirt – Humor
Shirt – Photographer
Shirt – Graphics
Shirt – Words

All artwork and graphics are copyright © to Stephen Mitchell and . All Rights Reserved.
You may not use, replicate, manipulate, redistribute, or modify my photography, writing, and artwork without my express consent.

My Web Site

Final Days of my SALA Exhibition

For those wondering about my photography exhibition , and for those who weren’t aware, my solo-SALA-exhibition is going well.
If you want to visit me, I’m camped most days (though not today {Fri 13th August 2010}) at Stall 141, upstairs in the Adelaide Arcade.

Here are a few photographs showing my stall from front to back:

My SALA Stall - Front of House Panorama by Stephen Mitchell, on Flickr

My SALA Stall - Back Corner Panorama by Stephen Mitchell, on Flickr

My SALA Stall - Card Collection by Stephen Mitchell, on Flickr

SALA ends on August 22nd, but my stall is only available until this Sunday (August 14th).
Since it is almost at an end, I will begin writing my wrap-up article over the coming weekend. It will include many more photographs of the stall, the arcade, the other ‘artists in residence’, and other interesting facts.

My Exhibition: "Lines on the Horizon"

Did I not tell my Redbubble friends?: I am exhibiting my photography during the SALA Festival !

For the next 14 days, from July 31st till the 14th August, I am an ‘artist in residence’ at Stall-141, upstairs in the Adelaide Arcade (between Grenfell Street and Rundle Mall, Adelaide CBD).
Displaying 20 framed 20×16″ photographs of seascapes shot around Kangaroo Island , plus an assortment of cards of each image, it is great fun to meet’n’greet with lots of amazing and interesting people.

You missed the launch last Friday night (31st July, 6-9pm)! We had delectable chocolates, white and red wine, plus over 150 people who were willing to critique, comment and consume the ambience and alcohol.

I’d love for you to visit. I’m in the stall every day …

Marketing Tip of the Day

I’m not sure this is a new idea at all, but maybe my approach may be unique:
I’m using StumbleUpon as a blog , recording all my uploads as ‘favourite websites’.
So now it is a SUlog !

I’ve been registered with StumbleUpon (“SU” ~ for short, and for those who didn’t get the joke in the last parapgraph) for about two years, and have seen the results of people adding some of my photographs to the site.

Today I re-installed the Firefox addon and immediately started adding my photography, tshirts and a few articles to see what would happen. Wow, the traffic rate is phenomenal! The best part is that you can see your hit-rate in real time.

Wait wait, I can hear some of you saying “Traffic means nothing, sales are more important!


True Size of Frames and Print/Poster Quality

I have a client (hereon known as “Stingy Bastard” or “SB” {~who has agreed to this name!})who wants to ask two questions before he spends any money:

1. The measurements described on the Frames: Is 600cm the measure of the print, or the frame from edge to edge? If it is the measurements of the prints, what is the complete width and height of a LARGE framed image?

2. What is the print quality difference between a Poster and the print put into the frames? Yep, that’s right SB is considering buying a Poster and getting his own frame!

True questions, need serious answers.

Graphic Evolution

Three years ago I said in one of my articles (which appears to be long gone) that I didn’t have to edit my photographs with software, I did it all on camera. Big, BIG mistake. Little did I realise that I would be not only be editing my photography, but I would be utilising the many graphic-editing programs I’d been teaching myself to use!

I have been doing graphic-creation for at about ten years, using a lot of different freeware programs, both for animated and static graphics. I have to laugh at one creation which was ‘a fist flying out of a can of baked-beans’! But I never imagined the learning would amount to anything. (Fact: I created a lot of post-9/11 graphics in the few days after the event, but I am not saying which ones are mine!)

One of the many programs

Have you got YOUR Professional Photographer shirt?

Have you got your professional photographer shirt yet? Redbubble now shows you exactly how they’ll look when you wear them on the street:

I can and will make custom shirts to include your name, business and website. Bubblemail me the details, and I’ll build and upload within 72hours!

MORE ARTICLES about these T-shirts:
Your Name on a Photographer Shirt
Redbubble Shirts for Artists, Writers and Photographers
Four T-shirts for Professional Photographs
Photographer Shirts

All artwork is copyright © to Stephen Mitchell All Rights Reserved.
You may not use, replicate, manipulate, redistribute, or modify my photography, writing, and artwork without my express consent.

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