I've Got My Redbubble!

I had this in My Writing for too long before I realised it was better suited to My Journal !
(BIG Thanks Jo for enlightening me!) .

Using one of the new tools on the Redbubble promo-page , I’ve made a new page on my website. Yes, I had to edit a few attributes of the code , but now I have My own Redbubble page on my site.

This is just the start. I’ll be adding more to as time goes by.

It’s an embedded flash image, so you may need to modify your computer settings or download the latest version to see what’s on the page!

And now I’ve moved the article, I’m seriously going to have to modify that page. Soon. Next year maybe! :D

Old Blue Eyes

Check out this amazing photograph that my wife shot!
Well, after I pointed him out to her.

This little guy landed on the reeds I was photographing … and didn’t want to leave.
But “SWMBO”: had the macro lens, so I quietly asked her to quickly but slowly move next to me. Thankfully Frank Sinatra decided to stick around for his photograph.

But he didn’t stay for his autograph, there was no second shot! Not bad! Whaddiya think?!

Frank Sinatra? Old Blue Eyes? Still wandering why we called him that?
Then go in for the LARGE view to see the size of that eye of his. He was watching us watching him!

Linking Photographs

Those link thingies are created with !‘s and :’s


! image ! : link (without any spaces)

You have two options … (1) With a link to original location, (2) or without.

With Link:

!,135&... ! :

looks like this

Without Link

!,2... !

looks like this

Extra Trick

!,2... (Hey, This Comment Will Appear when I float My Cursor Over It. Way Cool.) ! :

looks like this

Hey, This Comment Will Appear when I float My Cursor Over It. Way Cool.

NOTE: The hover-text is within the brackets.

I highly…

I'm a Star, Ma, Aiming for the Stars!

Well, I’m one of many people who managed to get two pieces of art into the Video Montage youtube clip that MuscularTeeth (an amazing youtube artist with about 25 other clips that are most impressive) carefully created.

This will surely help display, publish and promote many creative Redbubblites, both around and across the world. It has a nifty sound-track, and looks each image flows into the last and next, giving it a surreal feel.

Looks like MuscularTeeth put a good-few-hours of work constructing this clip, so we owe him, owe him big!

View the entire clip here . It runs for four and half minutes, so keep your eyes open and look out for me!

Additional Material

My lovely wife has uploaded ten more photographs to her gallery. She loves using the macro-lens, more than I do. Please take a look…

EDIT: 27-Nov-2007

1. Saharabelle won’t leave many responses to the comments on her work. I’m the web-nerd, whereas she just enjoys photography. The few comments that are there are of my hand, but with her approval.

2. She doesn’t doctor her work in anyway. There’s no post-production, photoshopping, GIMPing or cropping. You are seeing exactly the image shot from her camera! That in itself is most impressive!

Mortelliti, Joe

(EDITED: 29 Nov 2009)

It’s been said that we all should promote the work of another artist on Redbubble. In the past I have hesitated, in fact I baulked at the suggestion that I would give free publicity to someone other than myself.

Today I realised the folly of this: It’s not publicity, its admiration.
And it’s not a society as some suggest, because I gain nothing but humbleness, awareness, and a happy moment that will last a lifetime!

Where was this thought born? To answer that, let me go back a little.

When I first registered with Redbubble early in 2007, I quickly added a few favourite artists to my list.

I also added Joe to my favourite list. This was something about his art that caught my interest and looked vaguely familiar… Of course, I talk of Joe Mortell

Rust and Ruins

Yesterday a group of photography-friends went South in search of locations to capture on binary-film. I shot a myriad of interesting shots, yet only a few I consider worthy of inclusion on Redbubble.

Displayed below are my photographs of the rustic remains of the historic boat-sheds at Second Valley.



Horizontal Adjustment

For those new to my work, I had uploaded these three photographs a few months ago. A few nights ago I discovered some features within GIMP that Photoshop users take for granted: Contrast-Adjustment using ‘Curves’ and Horizon-Adjustment. Thus, tonight, I took the time to give these three landscape photographs new life.

White Gums

White Gums II

White Gums III

Your opinions, reviews and comments (and purchase thereof) are appreciated.

Selective Layering

No, this is not sponge cake in a trifle, this is the art of making one area of a photograph retain it’s original colour whilst the rest is desaturated (converted to greyscale). If that all sounds like gobblygook, it did to me at first. Now it just rolls off the tongue.
And I only taught myself this technique this afternoon (10th Oct 2007)

Here are a few images I’ve created so far:

They the correct dimensions for printing as a card, laminated or framed image, because I know you’ll want to purchase them …right?

Two New Collections

Because I shot so many photographs on Kangaroo Island on our recent holiday, I’ve been able to add two more collections of related photography to my gallery:

… Ten photographs of the One and All Sailing Ship.

… Five photographs of that Zephyr VI !

Please take the time to view them all.

What Makes You Think Your Art is Good Enough?

What makes you think your art is good enough to upload to RedBubble?

1 Gut instinct?
This is the best way to know if your art, writing, or photography is good. For photographers, we simply know when the shot matches what we were trying to achieve. For writers, it’s when we write from the heart. For artists, and I mean people who manipulate binary-pixels as much as I mean painters etc, I imagine you know when your art has reached its point where it cannot be modified any further without ruining it. That’s right, ruining the final result.
Gut instinct tells you when you have just reached that pinnacle and achieved the art you imagined in the first place or saw through the view-finder.

2 Did someone in your family like the shot?
Trust me, I know from bad experience that relying on …

Shirts I'd Love to Wear

I enjoy wearing interesting, ironic, computer-related, nerd, geek and word-based t_shirt’s. Here is all the t_shirt’s on I’d love to purchase.

New Addition: [15-Sept-07]

I hope I win the lottery next week.

And I must like this one. It’s my only contribution to the clothing side of RB.

Buy a Manfrotto Tripod and Ball-Head

Today we purchased the very cool and suave Manfrotto 190X PROB Tripod from The Photographic Wholesalers (47 Hutt Street Adelaide). This cost a little more than we intended to spend, but it’s proved a worthy investment already.

We also purchased the most amazing Manfrotto 222 . This is totally amazing ‘Grip-Action Ball Head with a Quick-Release Plate’. That’s the product description, but as usual it doesn’t say much.

Here’s my review of both:

Manfrotto 222 (Grip-Action Ball Head with a Quick-Release Plate)

This amazing tripod-head has a handle-grip that initially takes a bit of effort to use, so it pays to turn the tension adjustment point till it matches your finger-strength. I was amazed at how quick it was to manoeuvre. It can be spun 180 degrees aro…

RedBubble Breeds Winners

It took a while tonight, but I eventually found a few links to the winners of that fantastic photo competition we all entered a few months ago!

Whilst I was not a winner in any of the categories (I had submissions in three of them), I’m still winning by being a registered member here. See, I am selling my work. I use my RedBubble gallery as a base to display my work … and I sell a lot of photographs offline!

Last week I had 60 prints (at 6inch x 4inch) of my photography on RedBubble printed at TEDS in Rundle Street in Adelaide . No big deal. Took them to work yesterday. Showed a few women. Within an hour, quite a few of those ladies put instant requests in. A couple just wanted more 6×4′s, and one wants a couple at A4 size. Late this afternoon one remarked that I sh…

Austin A40 Collection

I’ve noticed that my Austin A40 Series is very popular! So to make sure you are all aware, here are is the old truck shot at from every angle (with a camera!):
This old Austin A40 is a permanent feature amongst the gum-trees on the father-in-law’s top paddock. You can tell how long it’s been sitting there by the branches growing in, around and over its shell!

1. Austin, Portrait
The portrait seems to be the most popular of these photographs.

2. Austin, Left Door

3a. Austin, Tray

3b. Austin, Tray II
This image was added after finding I’d taken multiple shots and didn’t know which was better. So you can be the judge!

Only available as Laminated, Framed and Mounted Prints

4a. Three Austins Astride (Colour)

4b. Three Austins Astride (B&W)

As you can see, I have made…

Family of Photographers

SaharaBelle is a new member to RB, but not much of a writer. Because I like her work (both in the kitchen :D and with a camera), I’m showing you some her amazing photography. Thankfully SaharaBelle made a few comments during the upload process – so I’ll divulge these with you.

Basically, this post serves as an easy way for our family and friends to quickly see all the cards of her amazing photography. There will be more soon. In fact, some of my collection will moving across. Yes, I took credit for her work … with her permission! But now she is a member, she wants them back.

Anyway, here are all the cards of our recent visit to the Wittunga National Park. I encourage people to leave nice comments on her work. Or critique’s. We’re always looking for extr…

Ditto with Jo OBrien - Cards are a Visual Stimulant

Originally to be posted as a comment at Jo O’Briens article entitled Selling Greeting Cards Through Stores (22 July 2007), but it grew too big!

Jo said:
Too many people give their cards different prices when in the eye of the customer they all look pretty much the same

I totally agree.
Be consistent. Stick to it. If the work is quality, you can increase the price on your cards, either individually or as a pack. But never drop the retail value. That’s like dropping your standards.

Jo said:
Recently I bought a bunch of RedBubble cards and gave them all to friends. The response was amazing. They all got online to find more! Next step for me is to buy a bunch of my own cards and find excuses to give them to people.

I did this with my recent purchases .
I only bought 30 of my cards…

These Cards Have Been Given a New Home

As previously mentioned, I purchased fifteen of my own photographs as cards. I’d ONLY planned to give a few away as gifts to close friends, and in particular to the one person who convinced me that my photography was worth selling. She knows who she is.

So this morning I brought fifteen cards into work purely to allow these friends to choose the picture they liked most … and allow them to have it for FREE. These are the photographs they choose.

… for Yve
… for Rosie
… for Jenny
… for Liam

Little did I realise what would happen next…

First, Jenny liked them so much she insisted (read: I caved) on having four more. Who am I to argue with a woman? So I decided on a price, she agreed … and I earned another ten dollars. Yes, I reduced the cost …

Idea for RB Administration

Because the forums are filled to the brim (if it had sound, it would be like a beehive with the lid off!), this is my preferred medium to send my message.


I’d like to be able to put descriptions and tags on multiple photographs.
Rather than having to go through ALL 200 photographs (which take hours), an option to CTRL and hold several images at once, then send the same tags and description, would be most beneficial

Tagging would be easier with choices of word already used, similar to allows.

What I’d really like to be able to do is add/adjust the description field of multiple photographs. I don’t know of any site that does that already.

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, so I won’t describe it any further. All thoughts from fello…

Post-Processing and ReSale of Photography and Artwork

After viewing a few works around RB tonight, I felt compelled to determine two things:

1. If it is legal to use, edit, or alter photographs of other professional or nonprofessional photographers or artists. This includes photographs of paintings.
2. If it legal to resell imagery/photographs of other professional or nonprofessional photographers or artists.

I was unsure if it were legal/appropriate to make a profit from a composition, montage, mosaic, or crop parts of an original photograph.

I viewed a lot of interesting ‘images’ that comprised of montage, mosaic and composition work , and asked: “Is it truly legal to sell this without the permission of the original photographer or artist?” I’ve seen a few montages that incorporate record-covers into interestin…

Advantage of Tagging your Uploads

The biggest advantage of adding ‘tags’ or ‘tagging’ your uploads to RedBubble is that you can group together certain types of photographs.
ie. Landscape, Water Colour, Cartoons, Etc.

To show you how this helps me, for the past three hours (between watching some television) I have been adding specific tags to my images.

Consequently, I now have these ‘Series’ of related images.

1. Flowering Bulbs
2. Kangaroo Island, April 2007
3. Kangaroo Island, April 2007
4. FlickrSA
5. Landscape
6. Architecture, Abstract
7. Farm Machinery
8. Beach, Kangaroo Island

As you can see, tagging is important to get noticed. So here are a few ways to tag your work:

1. Don’t put in commas ( , ) — just leave a space between each word. RB put the comma’s in automatical…

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2007

Quoted from National Portrait Gallery :

The National Portrait Gallery invites all Australian residents to enter the inaugural National Photographic Portrait Prize 2007 which will be displayed in the Gallery from 6 December 2007 to 23 March 2008. The Prize, sponsored by Visa International, is an annual event intended to promote the very best in contemporary photographic portraiture by both professional and aspiring Australian photographers.

With the generous support of Visa International, the National Portrait Gallery is offering a prize of $25,000 for the most outstanding photographic portrait. A selection panel of three judges will make an initial selection from all entries to determine the shortlist of finalists for inclusion in the exhibition. The judges will choose the prize winner

Artist-Linkage and Size-Disclaimer

First, a screen dump to display two interesting points I’d like to mention about the RB purchase-page.

(1.) There’s no link-back from the purchase-page to the artists original image.

Rather than ONLY the back-button in a browser be the only way to return to the previous page, an option needs to be available as a link within the purchase page.
I believe this option existed previously (both on the name and the art-title). Could we please have a link added to the Author/Artist’s name (as circled on image)?

(2.) Possible Information to add to frame/lamination sizing.

Other than ‘cards’, ‘framed with no border’ and the ‘canvas’ print, the other choices have a white or black matte around the image, plus a wooden frame.
Therefore, when a purchaser chooses a Framed Print, Large (406mm x 610mm_),

Idea: Change Default to Least Expensive

Suggestion of the day to RB Admin. If any other exhibitors disagree or agree with my idea, please comment here!

I’d prefer the default when opening the ‘purchase cart’ to be on the cards (the least expensive item) rather than framed options. This might seem mad, but there are two reasons:

1. We prefer more sales, rather than none at all. Some people may baulk at the prices of these framed images – even though they are fair and reasonable!! So let them see the cards first. (Some people may prefer to purchase 50x$5 cards than purchase a $250 framed image.)

2. I had someone say, “Hang on, this says ‘From $3’ – but I don’t see anything under a $100.” They simply didn’t see the choices of frames, canvas, etc. They arrived at the…

My Image Managment System

This is a response to Craig Goldsmith journal entitled Image Management System . The wording got so long and complicated that I had to test the formatting. Which we have all learnt can only be done in our journals, not after posting (yet!). Sooo … I figured it might as well start and stop here:

Just before I got hooked on RedBubble earlier this year, my wife and I rearranged our photography database. Here is the basic tree structure:

/Year / Year,Month / Year,MonthDate / Label (Location,Item,etc)
/2007 / 2007,Jan / 2007,2007Jul / Farm

Each YEAR directory has every MONTH. Every MONTH has every DATE. Each DATE has its sub-directory’s of photograph types, plus one called FLICKR (for cropped/resized images reside, thereby leaving the original images untouched) which has a subdir…

Q: Request for Font as TTF

Because the RB forums are filling to the brim with thousands of questions, suggestions, statements, and answers, I’m repeating this here:

Would the RB administrators allow the font-type (in the RB logo top left of page) be made available as a TTF? (for windows and mac)
I’m interested to use this font in my new web-page

Submissions for RedBubble Photo Competition

I’ve entered three works (in accordance with the clearly defined rules) into the RedBubble Photo Competition

  1. Theme 1: Landscape, Travel and Nature
    Entry: Shell Necklace
    These shells have attached themselves to a string of seaweed washed up in the surf. Found on Kangaroo Island.
    (tagged: landscapephotocomp )
  1. Theme 2: Portrait, Fashion and Commercial
    Entry: Hail Britannia II
    Shot at 2007 All British Day, Uraidla, Adelaide Hills, February 11th, 2007
    (tagged: fashionphotocomp)
  1. Theme 3: Black and White, Street and Reportage
    Entry: Coffee in Carpark
    Atop a carpark in the Adelaide CBD. Captured as found
    (tagged: bwphotocomp )

Featured on Home Page of RB

I’m a statistician at heart, I had to compile this. But I wish their was an easier way than going through 105 pages of ACTIVITY.


Jun 16 : Add This To Your Cart
Jun 15 : DPI Determines Resolution, Not Quality
Jun 11 : Taking the Journey with RB
Jun 10 : List of Sales
Jun 04 : DPI – Myth, Mania, or Massive?

May 29 : Q for RB Admin: re Creative Commons License
May 29 : Suggestion to RB Marketing and Code Teams
May 17 : Adelaide Exhibition of Photographic Artistry
May 15 : Consent for Photography Not Required in Australia
May 12 : Att RedBubble-Admin: Top 10 Tags, Not ALL Tags

That’s as far as I got. I’m not sure if anything else made it to the front page. Maybe Paul V can ask the web-techies to see if I missed any

Add This To Your Cart

One of the best components of RedBubble is both the add this to my cart and Buy Wall Art buttons. Each supplies the uploader and viewers with an amazing tool that allows us to determine two important things:

  1. To determine if we are saving our work at the correct resolution (no, not DPI )
  2. To determine which frame-color would best suit the style of a photograph.

For any photographers about to be displayed in an exhibition , RB gives you the perfect tool to determine your frames.
Before you take your photograph down to a retail-store, use RB to your advantage. We all know how much fun it is NOT to have someone tell us “Oh, it looks great in that $1500, red-gum, triple-beveled, picture frame! VISA or EFTPOS?” Before you get to that stage, take a look at RB’s very simple setup.

Taking the Journey with RB

Whilst reading a @webgrrl post , these two statements got me writing:

  1. 1. Self love is much more rewarding :)
  2. 2. No better Love than the Unconditional one….

Statement 1 is good and important.

Self-love is self-confidence. It’s about using your talent constructively, establishing who you are through your actions, and having a direction in life.

Self-love also helps you to know that everyone and everything can and will change – and knowing what you are going to do when it happens. Self-love is often all we have.

Statement Two is interesting yet also true.

When we place conditions on our friends and family, we constrict their self-worth, we stifle their inner-selves and we breed doubt in their minds.
(Hmm, family might read this…oh well.)

Whereas unconditional love says we …

Q for RB Admin: re Creative Commons License

Recently I discovered this license at :

<a rel="license" href=" alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a>
<br />This <span xmlns:dc="" href="" rel="dc:type">work</span> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href=" Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License</a>.

You’ll notice I’ve started adding it to my work, but suddenly thought to ask this question: Is it acceptable/appropriate/other to add this to our work – or does its implicat

Suggestion to RB Marketing and Code Teams

Idea for RB team: Multiple choice email-types for sending photographs to friends, family and clients – from both portfolio owners (hereon known as "Artists"_) and people who want to advertise work that is not their own. (_hereon known as “Advertisers”)

Currently the only option is for Advertisers. It would be great to have an option for Artists to use to send a particular work from their portfolio to announce a new arrival into their gallery.

I’ve spend a few moments to compose some emails that might be suitable.
Yep, that’s right: I uploaded this photograph to my RedBubble photo-gallery – and just had to share it with all my close friends. Take a look, buy what you like!
(OK, a bit presumptuous with the suggestion to ‘buy what you like&

Adelaide Exhibition of Photographic Artistry

Refuge, a personal escape, is the photographic work of emerging South Australian artists.

Emma Hack, award winning body artist, opens an exciting new exhibition by local photographers.

The month long exhibition at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton explores the theme of refuge as a personal escape. The photos bring to light our sanctuaries and the places we choose as safe-havens from our hectic lifestyles. In our stressed-out lives of mobile phones, voice mail, e-mail, we all need a place where we can retreat and reflect and truly be ourselves.

The participating group of artists met through worldwide photo-sharing site, Flickr, and have turned their online union into a meaningful collaboration. Flickr staff member, George Oates, born and bred in Adelaide, has spent many happy hours at t…

Welcoming Myself to the RedBubble Community

Hello to the redbubble community, wherever you are!

I’ve only been ‘addicted’ to this new vice a little over a week – and already I’ve had to amend my computer directory structure to keep track of which images have been uploaded where. My flickr account images measure 1500×1000, whereas I realise that redbubble images need to stay at FULL size – which in my case measure 3888×2952.

Fortunately I’d taken Easter on Kangaroo Island (a deceptively large island off the South West side of the Eyre Peninsula, across from Adelaide) where I’d shot an incredible amount of photographs (estimated at 2,500 based on “continuous count” function of Canon EOS 400D)

These would have to be my favourite three images from my Easter Collectio…