Sixteen Ways to Increase Your Sales

I’m still seeing so many people still asking why they’ve still not sold artwork on Redbubble!

So I’ve compiled all my enterprising, marketing, sales and money-based articles written over the last two years. I really REALLY hope you enjoy reading and applying them into your sales-campaign.

First, let’s take a look at you, the artist within. Wait, that sounds like the first article…

01. Defining the Artist Within
02. I Have a Special Condition!
03. Keep that Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive
04. Two Crafty Ways to Become a High Profile Photographer
05. Playing the Popularity Game Without Caring if You Win or Lose
06. What Makes You Think Your Art is Good Enough?

Here is the guts of this article, the really in-depth stuff that should help understand how to better use Redbubble in your venture to either make money or make a name for yourself:

07. Are You Selling More Artwork ?
08. Helping YOU Make a Profit on Redbubble !
09. Pleasure from Profit from Pleasure
10. Quality Marketing Equals Sales
11. Selling Your Art Successfully
12. Sell, Give, Donate and Use Your Skills
13. My Marketing Strategy
14. How to Sell Anything
15. Tips to Successful Photography.
16. Twelve Months on Redbubble

The trick is to read each article, and then ask yourself: ‘How does this apply to my situation?’. I’m very sure you’ll find a way to incorporate the ideas I’ve used here to improve your situation and increase your sales! I look forward to hearing how much more sales you make over the next few months!!

EDIT [11:32 PM 15/05/2009]
Some of you will now want to run an exhibition, gallery or stall of your artwork. For that I have compiled another list of links that should help you!
Running Sheet for Exhibitions

Since this is my article, I have to get a few shameless-plugs in here somewhere. I have T-shirts for sale that will get you noticed!
Your Name on a PHOTOGRAPHER Shirt
Photographer Shirts
Redbubble Shirts for Artists, Writers and Photographers

I’ve written a few simple tips that any Redbubble Artist could use. I don’t write them so much any more, but I keep them here for my own reminder. Please enjoy these two that relate to this post enormously:
Tip #001
Tip #004

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