Cacophony of Coloured Cushions!

I’ve perused my entire portfolio for artworks that look great on the new range of products: CUSHIONS

Below I have listed the top images for each colour of the rainbow, perfect for any age, any where, any style – and any room of your home:


Whew! That should keep you all spending money for the next few weeks! With so many to choose from, your home will be a cacophony of colour!

In my last post I said we were about to have a baby . Jai Ethan is just a few weeks away from 2 years old!

All artwork is copyright © to Stephen Mitche

Finally a Father!

BIG NEWS: I am the proud father of a little boy who arrived in the world at 8.45pm on 9th June 2012, weighing 3955g and 51cm long.

Wooooooo hoooooo! CIGARS ALL ROUND… get your own.

PS: The nurses, doctors, midwives and other specialists at the WCH are very nice, they did an excellent job, were so nice to all off us … and let me shoot about 400 photographs AFTER baby arrived.

Sorry, no photographs will be displayed on Redbubble, at least no yet. Not until the boss (read: the wife) goes through the hundreds of photographs we captured of her and her son.

Wow, our son. We have a son.

I am a Dad. Daddy. Dada. Father.

Still feels surreal, yet I am over-the-moon!

Imminent, Eminent, & Animated

I’ve told so many people about this, yet have only just realised that I have not told my Redbubble friends:

  1. My wife is pregnant — and due to have our first child in four weeks!

Around 31st May 2012.
We have no idea what sex it is, though we believe there is a ‘fifty-percent’ chance of it being a boy or a girl, and a ‘ninety-nine point nine to the n-th degree’ chance of it being human.

There will undoubtedly be MILLIONS of photographs of the baby once it is born. At my wife’s discretion, a photograph or two may be seen here on Redbubble.

But more likely only those people who are close and connected with me upon Facebook will see photographs.

As much of our time is being spent getting the house ready, I give thanks in advance for any comments written …

Last Feature for 2011

So amazing!
I only shot this image on Sunday afternoon … and today (Wednesday, 28.Dec.2011) my photograph entitled Wool Shed 1 was featured in The Weekend Photographer

View: Photographic Print, Extra large (762mm x 505mm), Lustre finish = $36.58

Awesome, grand, and inspiring me to get out and shoot more!

Yet since I am so busy with my day-job and a photo shoot on NYE, I’m betting I don’t get any more features until 2012. ;)

Hope you all had a grand Christmas (and you got all that you wanted and needed), Sure you’ll all have a grand New Years Eve and an even more fantastic New Year.

See you all in 2012!

Saying No to Apple

I’ve decided you will not be seeing my artwork on the back of a Redbubble/Apple iPhone case.

My art is art, not an addon or bling. Whilst I believe in diversification, this new product offering does not fit in with my ethos.

My Business Page on Facebook

Yep, I have done it again! I have re-built my FB-page. I deleted it early this year because I felt like I had a split personality. But I’ve decided it’s a grand way to present small collections of particular clients or locations in one easy-to-find online spot which I can easily promote to a wide audience. By leaving my FB-page open to view by the whole world, it becomes another online gallery of my artwork.

So, I encourage you to go check it out . If my artwork pleases you, l encourage you to ‘like’ the page, thereby enabling you to see, comment and tag my artwork as I upload.

More work being moved from my FB-profile within the next few days.

  1. ezCREATE photography and grahic art

Keeping the Sanity

Both of these simple pleasures are what keep me sane:
~ Finding and photographing scenes that people enjoy enough that they choose to buy for home or office display, plus
~ Making interesting, funny, and odd graphics that people like enough to want to wear on a tshirt!

Yet tonight I have chosen to create the following image.


The text is actually a screen-dump of text written in MSNotePad. This has been done to prevent search-engines from affiliating my gallery with such words. It is also displayed on my Redbubble home page.

This ‘issue’ has gotten too much publicity and is driving me insane.
Well, not insane, just a little crazy. It’s no longer about liking or disliking, it’s about exposure.
I am not a prude, but I have my limits. I might…

Exceeding Expectations

Here is a list of all my artwork that have had over 1000 viewers, so many appreciative comments, and so many people ‘liking’ my artwork. Many are over 2000, a handful are over 5000, and one is over 7000. ( Can you pick which one has had the most viewers? )

Whilst this may not seem like a lot to some Redbubble artists, I have watched a steady decline of traffic to my artwork over the last few years. When I was one of a few thousand artists portraying themselves on Redbubble, the daily hits to our artwork was staggering. But over the last 18-24months (2009/2010), when membership has trebled (and that doesn’t include the bot-swarm we had in mid 2010) and artwork was uploaded in many hundreds of Gigabytes, well, many of us watched our artwork get absorbed into the maelstrom.

Being part of Redbubble History

I was going to post this message upon A Tiny Bit of History, an article by RedBaxter, oops, Redbubble, but it got lengthy and I wanted more people to read it. So here goes:

Wow, that’s how it looked so long ago! Seems like a lifetime since it looked like that! I remember hearing that video’s would be included. Kinda glad you didn’t go with that concept, as it would have chewed up your servers and slowed the upload time for still-frame artists.

Loving most of the changes over the last four years, it has been a great ride. Like everyone, there have been a few ups’n’downs along the way, but it has always been worth it. I have had the honour of seeing my suggestions happen, yet ripped my hair out at seeing a few things that should be happening
… YET ̷…

Melted Fixings in Featured Bathroom

Wow, what a cool honour ~ for my ‘hot’ bathroom!

My manipulated photograph of our bathroom during a hot summer is now being featured within the Bathroom group . Thanks to the moderators for considering my work worthy of such an honour!

Here is the featured artwork, followed by two more images created to make it a short series:

To Damn Hot

Hot Damn Hot

Hot Metal

For those wondering, this really is the actual tile colour of our bathroom. Though without the melted tiles, metal and porcelain.