Rockwell, United States

from North Carolina, near Charlotte. I have been making art my whole life, started about age of four, drawing dragons, skulls, anything that would disturb my mother, she called me Rosemary’s baby. so now I am a full time artist, until I starve I suppose. My wife, Jamie takes care of me now, so does my dog Diesel. I have my work in several galleries in Georgia, and a few in North Carolina.

  • Age: 51
  • Joined: November 2007


New to Red bubble

Hey, I am a artist from North Carolina, trying to make it in this big world. I am a sculpture maker, painter, copper engraver, and lately a photographer . I am looking for ways to sell and promote my work, and this site looks like a good opportunity to do just that. Thanks to the administrators of Red Bubble, for a job well done.
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