Hi everybody,

I am a German artist, living in Mansfield Vic and Robe SA, Australia.

The world and its nature has always been fascinating to me……the world that is full of colour, texture, shape and intrigue. Landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes are my favorite form of art and takes me on a journey full of new challenges.
From the first time I saw the world via the viewfinder of a camera, my artistic journey began. My photography and painting express a sincere, colourfully, fresh deepness and contains an underlying message & philosophical analogies.

My art allows me to show others the world from my point of view….

…d e s i g n – m e e t s – n a t u r e

Photography is my passion and my aim is, to catch the exceptional moment and I am happy about all sorts of comments or critique.
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Exhibition POSTCARDS FROM THE NORTH Sydney Feb 17th-Mar 03rd 2010

Exhibition THE ARTIST AND THE SEA Sydney Mar 10th – Mar 20th 2010

I hope you enjoy it.

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