Haunting Memories

She was young woman, in her mid twenties, full of fun and laughter. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and blue mesmerizing eyes., with a gaze that had that come hither look. Those eyes alone could turn almost man`s head. She loved dancing and being the life of the party.She was a young mother, divorced at the time. Her divorce had left her yearning for someone to hold her close and love her, if even for a short time. She couldn`t stand the lonely nights alone. She knew it wasn`t right or proper but, she still had strong, overwhelming desires that left her wanting to be held closely and loved passionately. Although most times she was hoping for more, she would settle for this temporary fix.After her divorce she moved to another town an hour away from her ex-husband. Sometimes, she would get someone she trusted to watch her child overnight and she would take a long ride back to a familiar place, in hopes to possibly get a glimpse of her ex-husband or see some friendly faces atleast. Although she was divorced, she never stopped loving him. She just couldn`t live with him. He was physically abusive on more than one occassion.This was one of those lonely nights. A chance to party and do a bit of dancing not knowing whom she may meet, if anyone at all. So, she hopped in her car and headed down the long, lonely, country backroads to the endless highways. Finally arriving at the place they used to go together. She had been away a few years. Things weren`t the same, the name of the place had changed. It once had two names, Millie`s and Dave`s, now it only bore one name, Millie`s. It kind of reminded her of her divorce. She entered the bar anyways. Still thinking maybe he`d walk in the door at any moment. In the meantime, there was music and dancing. Several ladies were sitting in the back room at tables all unescorted.At the bar all the stools were taken. As she gave the people seated at the bar a quick glance, she noticed no one of interest. So, she ordered herself a cold drink and took it to one of the empty tables in the backroom,where she set her clutch purse on the table. Then she proceeded to sit down and enjoy her drink. She sat at the table that was away from the other ladies. They all seemed to be celebrating, and enjoying themselves on the dance floor. After a few drinks she got up the courage to ask one of the seated ladies if they wouldn`t mind dancing. This was not an easy thing for her to do. She felt odd doing it, and was hesitant thinking maybe she`ll say no and I`ll look like a fool. Anyhow, the lady agreed. So up on the dance floor they were dancing and the young divorcee` was really getting into the music. It was as if she and the music were one. Oblivious to the stares from all the eyes upon her as her body swayed, shook and trembled to the beat.Someone had their eye on her on that particular night. He must`ve came in while she was dancing, for she had never noticed him at the bar. The next song started, it was a waltz. The handsome man with wavy well-groomed sandy brown hair, clean shaven and well dressed approached her. Wow, she thought!! I can`t believe he is coming my way, let alone asking me to dance. She wasn`t ugly, she was quite pretty infact, yet she felt he was way too classy for a gal like her. He was a bit older, possibly in his mid 30`s, but to her age wasn`t a problem. They waltzed the waltz and when it was done, He said “Get your purse, and come with me.” She thought ok, maybe he was going to buy her a drink at the bar. She wasn`t used to be spoken to in that manner, it wasn`t harsh, but a bit demanding, she hadn`t thought much about it at that time. When she retrieved her purse, he kind of grabbed her by the arm firmly but gently and led her in front of him. Suddenly she felt something hard and cold in her back. He whispered “Go out the door, I have a gun. Do as I say and you won`t get hurt.” .She was scared now, for her life. All that ran through her head was her child alone. Without a Mom or a Dad. The man demanded she get into his vehicle and said " Don`t try anything foolish or I`ll shoot you". He grabbed her arm and acted like he was helping her into the vechicle. When he quickly said, as he half-heartedly shoved her in and locked the door, " I`m watching you, you try to run and I`ll shoot." She could tell by his mannerisms, the vehicle he drove, and the way he dressed, he was by no means poor. He hopped into the drivers seat with the gun aiming at her face.She was intimidated. She was visably shaken. She asked him, “Please put the gun away, I`ll do whatever you want.” Please, don`t hurt me. I have a child and I am all she has. There is no father in the picture." The man`s grip on the handle of the pistol… the pistol wavering in his hand still aiming at her face. He gruffly yells " Shut UP!" She tried to make some small talk to get him to be calm. He shook so holding that gun, she was afraid that it may go off accidently, in her face, killing her. She gently took her fingertips and slightly touched the barrell, gently pushing it away towards the dash and pleaded with him “Please don`t point that at me. Could you please put it away? It`s making me nervous.” Immediately he barked back at her " Don`t touch that"!!She told him she didn`t understand why a man with his good looks and all he apparently had would do what he was doing. She tried to tell him she would have went with him willingly, and there was no need for the weapon. He held the pistol away from her face now. However, he warned her again, that he would not hesitate to use it.He then drove her to an unfamiliar area. She was concentrating on the gun in his hand more than what streets they had been traveling. Of all things he took her to a apartment complex parking lot and parked his vehicle under a tall parking lot lamppost.. A well lit area. He told her to " Get out of the vehicle!, Do what I say, and you won`t be harmed." She did as he wished. She laid on the warm smooth blacktop in the parking lot. He had his way with her right there where the whole complex could see, atleast if there was anyone awake at that ungodly hour. There was someone he had yelled up something to, like " Watch this!" There was a particular window that was well lit and about 4 floors up. She was totally not understanding this.After he did what he was set out to prove or accomplish. He drove with the young woman still holding the gun in his hand, to the place that he had abducted her from.

As he pulled up to the parking area., he exclaimed " Do exactly what I say!, and I won`t hurt you! " When you leave this vehicle, you go directly to your car! DO NOT LOOK BACK AND DO NOT GO back in the bar!" Have I made myself clear?" She answered, “Yes!” and did exactly as he told her.
She never reported it. She never told anyone as they wouldn`t have believed her anyways. It was over twenty years ago, however, the memories haunt her..as to why? What would bring a man to do such a thing? Especially one that was that good- looking. He wasn`t inebriated. He could`ve gotten any woman to go with him willingly. Why would he do such a thing?
I know she learned a lesson that night. It will still haunt her to try to figure out what could`ve made a man like that , go off the wall, and over the deep end to the darkside?
She can only surmise. She would profile him as being someone who had either found his lover in bed with another. Or was tired of being accused of cheating when he wasn`t. A man of authority like a officer or someone in charge of people who legally could carry a weapon. He sure was nervous. She thinks it was totally out of his character. Meanwhile, as she ages, she sits and wonders.

Haunting Memories


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