Bloody Heartbreaking!!!

It appears that there are many of these fires lit by the hand of man, have consumed lives, it has me wonder what could a person possibly ascertain from this how can anyone be proud of such a spineless act, I watched with heavy heart a woman on Channel 7 take a reporter to the dog run her beloved pet had been in, there on the pavement was the outlined charred body of her dog, it was truly sickening, she lost her home and everything she loved, even a family who tried to outrun the fire were caught in the blaze and perished in their own vehicle. 2 young children perished in the flames as it succumbed their home, sadly the parents weren’t able to get to them in time.

I’d also like to add that I am truly grateful for our volunteers of all walks of life, where ever you may be, thank you, without you no one would make it through this tragedy. You put your own lives at risk to save thousands, you truly are the unsung hero’s.

We have also some fires in Sydney I can’t even open the windows without having to breathe in the smoke even though its way off from our home.. It’s just Bloody Heartbreaking!! it makes me wonder how many more have to suffer this unnecessary death, how many creatures and natures beautiful wonders have to be destroyed before these bastards are satisfied with what they’ve done.

It is a time I think where reality hits home of just how much you need to tell those you love that you love them, your pets, and appreciate nature in every sense, who knows that beautiful chirping bird might just be some morbid persons next target or worse.

65 dead, 640 homes lost in fire horror

Feb 08, 2009 5:49pm

THE official death toll from Victoria’s worst ever bushfire disaster grows as authorities move through affected towns, some of which have been nearly wiped off the map.

AT least 65 people are dead in the bush fires ripping through Victoria, in a disaster which has eclipsed the state’s Ash Wednesday devastation of two decades ago.

Authorities are continuing a grim search for more bodies as Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader photographer with Lilydale CFA

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  • ZeeZeeshots
    ZeeZeeshotsover 5 years ago

    This sure is a heartbreak! My heart goes out to all the people in Victoria!

  • Magicat
    Magicatover 5 years ago

    It is just so devestating….so many lives lost…communities shattered….left as ash….
    The death toll sits at 108 as I write this, with more than 800 homes lost…..and both are expected to rise greatly in the coming days..
    On the other end of things….Northern Queensland is in the grips of terrible flooding….more people lost, displaced and in pain…..
    I have cried…and I sent my thoughs on to those I know caught up in this horrible circumstance….
    It tears my heart up to think what these poeple ar having to endure…..and unfortunatly, it will be a very long time before they can return to the peaceful life they desperatly deserve….if they can ever fully recover…only time will tell.
    I urge everyone to donate…give whatever you can to help these folks….money is always at the top of the list….donating blood is another wonderful way to help out if you can…..with services stretched WAY beyond functioning levels….every little bit helps….and as we Australians know…human spirit and the “Aussie Way” is paramount at times like these…. to dig deep, stand shoulder to shoulder and do whatever you can to make it through, friends, family, strangers alike….in one way or another….we are all in this together.

  • I couldn’t have put it better myself, thanks for the input and update Magicat!

    – StarKatz

  • rightasrain
    rightasrainover 5 years ago

    The weather is going nuts what with heat waves down south, endless rain up north, snow storms in London – crazy!! It’s the saddest thing watching people suffer in the fires. Horrific to think they’ve been lit by some idiot who gets off on watching on tv the havoc he’s caused and feels in control and powerful. Should be shot!

  • Josie Eldred
    Josie Eldredover 5 years ago

    I’m really struggling to comprehend it, the sheer destruction is just so sickening. I can’t imagine what all the victims of the fires are feeling, it truly is heartbreaking seeing how many people have lost their homes, their pets, their family members. To think that someone deliberately created this havoc makes me absolutely furious beyond words. I truly hope they get charged with mass murder, they deserve absolutely no compassion or leniency.

    I’ve donated to a few of the funds that are going, I so wish I could do more. It distresses me so much to think so many people are being hurt by this. Such an awful, awful situation.

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