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Online Photoshop Class Starting September 13th

Hello All,

I am so excited to announce that my online art class will be running from Sept 13th- October 30, 2014. If you are interested in learning how to make digital art trading cards using Photoshop, then this is the class for you! You will be able to use what you learn in this class to create many other creative things in photoshop. I teach the class using Photoshop Creative Cloud, but you can also accomplish most of the course using Photoshop Elements. So if you don’t have the full photoshop version, don’t let that discourage you from signing up! To register click the link below and click the “buy now” option:

Click Here to Register and for more information

Before and After Photomanipulation: Desert Lure

Here is the combination of 3 different stock images to create the before:

And here is the result after adding texture layers, paint layers, and many photoshopping tools and edits:

I hope you enjoyed this :) I may do more of these! I think it’s kind of fun seeing how drastic an image can change :)

Redesigned my website! Take a peek!

Hello RB friends!

I recently redesigned my website after finding out that a friend of mine was willing to do all the coding and stuff that I’m not good at. I designed the entire site in photoshop and my friend translated it into code. I’m thrilled— it turned out exactly how I designed it! Take a peek :) It looks best in Firefox, IE 8, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Art by Stacy Lee

My Art Book Published: A Time and A Season (Pics included!)

I finally got a book of my most popular works completed :). It is done in scrap book format— so it looks like you are viewing a scrap book of artwork! To God be all the Glory!

It takes you on a journey through images and God’s Word. I hope you will apply it to your own life and your own spiritual journey. Let God speak to you through it.

Here are some details and previews:

Printed on Premium paper; 74 pages; 8" X 10" Landscape
Softcover, Hardcover (Dustjacket), and Hardcover (Imagewrap) are all available.

Book Preview HERE

Book Details and Purchasing Information HERE


Sample Pages:

How To Add Pictures To Your Profile

I’ve had a lot of people bubblemail me the past week or two asking me how to do this. So, I thought I’d write a journal explaining how.
Go under “Edit My Profile” in the “About Me” section and type in the code(s):

To insert a picture that clicks to another website or page:
! yourpictureURL.jpg !

There are NO spaces in the above code. That is exclamation point, website URL to the picture that should end in .jpg for most of you, exclamation piont, colon, the website you are linking the picture to.

To insert ONLY a picture without it linking to a website:
! yourpictureURL.jpg !

Once again, there are NO spaces in the above code. Add an exclamation point at the very beginning and end of the picture URL address that most likely will end in …