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Chafing wheat, no wait how's it go?

I’ve been busy in my hard drives sorting out the good photos from the bad photos, and then resorting out the excellent photos from the good photos, and then sorting out the photos I’d like to present as art as well as sellable art from the pool that’s left.

I see a lot of great artwork and photography going up here, but I’ve made a conscious decision in my own work to present only on RB the artwork of mine that I think people would be interested in buying for their own specific reasons whatever they might be. That’s not to say that I’m only interested in selling work, but I’ve split my photography into three sections in my head, to make me aware of why I photograph certain things. It also helps me get into the right frame, so when I’m happy snapping a family party I know I don’t have to overthink things!

Squareds Brain Space for Photography: This Time It’s Personal!

One: Documentary Evidence: Photography is a great tool for building an external memory. Places I’ve been, things I’ve done, friends I’ve made. This is the reason I bought my first digital camera back when the Kodak DC series was pretty new and a 2megapixel camera was the size and relative weight of a house brick and took just as good photos.

Two: Stress Reliever: The bulk of my photography actually sits here, I take photography to get out into the sunshine, see new places, try new things. The camera is a great excuse to head to the park, or the coast, or wander the streets of a city I’ve lived in for over ten years. And when I’ve got time in front of the PC and I’m relaxing after work I like to pick a couple photos and process them. Process the hell out of them. I shoot in RAW because I love the control you get over the shots afterwards as much as anything.

I see photography as an art form, not just a way to put out happy snaps. So I love the process and experimentation and sheer creativeness that comes from taking photos and turning them into something unusual. I’ve only just gotten comfortable enough with my DSLR and the gear I’ve got to start thinking up creative shoots. My flickr account has some interesting shots of a Toyota Prius that fall into that category.

Toyota Prius Dark and Moody

Three: Commercialisable art: Wow I hope that’s a word. The next stage for my art is to consider whether there’s potential at some point in the future to commercialise my work in some way. Redbubble is the easiest way to jump into that stage and test it out.

Already I’m starting to look at the way I take photographs in a different way. When I photograph something I’m starting to think “Is this something a person would buy?” Does it project an image, emotion, experience? Does it appeal to a certain person or group? I think it’s just another part of the photographic process to be aware of and I hope that it’ll start taking my photos into new directions again.

That said, this weekend I’m in Toowoomba photographing Working sheepdog trials, so I still have plenty of room in my photographic brain for a bit of fun ;)

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