Square does Christian rock... [w/ pics]

Christian rock you say? But I thought square was all about photographing brick walls and gutters and reflections in puddles…?

Well yes, that is true, but over the easter long weekend I was sent out by my work (online news company) to cover the ‘Christian Big Day Out’ of music festivals – Easterfest 2009.

Now sure, it’s probably not the same as shooting for the real Big Day Out, or any of the other big music festivals, but as far as Christian music goes, Easterfest is a big deal, with some 30-40,000 people attending over three days.

Despite it not really being my scene, I have to say it was pretty fun running around with a media pass shooting everything from bands to carnival rides to moto-cross. Made me feel like a real photographer (one day quare, one day…………)

Here’s some of the shots from my trip.

I’ll probably add some more tomorrow, but for now it’s bed time.

Don’t stop the party while I’m asleep.

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