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The 'as is' experiment - a review [w/ pics]

As some of you may be aware, for the last few months I’ve been undertaking a personal photographic experiment in which i’ve decided to boycott the use of any kind of post-processing software and only shoot ‘as is’, straight from the camera.

Well, three months have now passed and I’m here to report in with a status update.

As is experiement = success

Well, success in my book anyway. I’ve definitely learnt a lot about the basics of photography and how to control the key elements of light, motion and composition in camera. This has taken quite a bit of mental effort and a lot of fiddling around with variables and parameters to work out how to get the image in my head into the glass rectangle in the viewfinder, but i feel like i’m starting to see dividends.

This experiment has meant I’ve needed to literally take thousands of photographs, and often at least 20-30 shots of the same subject, just with different settings. (in fact a few weeks ago i woke up a bit hungover/drunk and grabbed my camera and took over 110 photos of my fan…!)

Some of the more time intensive shots so far

What this has taught me, perhaps more than anything, is the value of patience in photography, and of allowing the elements you are trying to control through the lens to speak to you, instead of you trying to force your will onto a shot that isn’t there.

So all in all, I reckon this experiment has definitely been a win. So much so in fact that I’ve decided to continue on for a while longer, well, until I get sick of it I guess.

Thanks to everyone who’s given me encouragement over the last few months. It’s been great to hear what other artists have to say and also to hear advice and discussion on how to approach it.


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