Bloggers’ Bliss — See our streetwear come to life

I’m Pat: a 30-something guy based in Brighton and Hove, England.

Since I was a child I’ve been drawing, be it in the corner of workbooks at school, in the corner of lecture notes at University or in the corner of whiteboards at work. Occasionally I also draw on paper or computer. It’s a bit of a passion.

During my 20s I’d followed a primarily technical path – achieving a BEng Hons in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick in 2001 and working in technical roles for an automotive finance company.

Throughout that time I’ve been developing my artistic skills and finally took the plunge to take a creative career direction in September 2011, when I began a 2 year Digital Media Design FdA at Brighton University.

This has given me an opportunity to be more creative than ever, and as part of that I’ve been creating designs for T-Shirts and stickers for you to wear. I really hope you like what I come up with!

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