Moscow, Russian Federation

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Statement? We love statements,
don’t we? I had one ready, for
sure, but a bird flew by
sideways and yet said nothing,
straight ahead was backwards
raining right away, and
tomorrow at high noon Clint
Eastwood wouldn’t have enough
bullets… or just enough as
always. I figured, that once
I’m past those optional
characteristics the whole lil
world would still be spinning
here and there where it

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Cosmic contemplation ART show

As you might know April 12th celebrates the birth of a new era – commemorating an event that took place a half-century ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly into space. In light of this discovery inspired, and joyous day for mankind an anni=ual art gathering takes place at the the creative workshop of a famous and decorated russian sculptor Dmitriy Ryabichev. This april of 2015 was …
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