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I am an amateur underwater video and still photograper based in Sydney Eastern suburbs. I have been doing underwater photography since I started scuba diving at the age of 17.I also have been doing land photography of portraits and landcsapes and action photography as well for the past few years.

I have been doing underwater video as well for the past 10 years and I have had one of my films featured on Bondi Rescue.and BBC UK documentry

I have won a few competitions over the years in still photography 1st place, 2nd and couple of 3rd places. I love the ocean and everything in it.

I have had a few cameras over the years started off when i was 17 years of age.

I had a 35mm sea n sea still camera then had a nikonos v 35 mm, when digital came in i then had a canon s70 powershot in a housing with no strobe and now i have a canon s95 powershot in a housing all the underwater pics were taken with no strobe i have spent most of my money on underwater video equipment as they are both my passions.

I now use a canon 7D for all my out of water photos and portraits

If you go to i have 2 books i have made up of underwater photography if u want to have a look,

There called:
under sydney’s eastern beaches part 1
under sydney’s eastern beaches part 2

  • Age: 51
  • Joined: January 2012