Why comment and favourite?

For me comments and favourites is the bread and butter of how Redbubble works, I will try to explain.

If you do a search for a work of art, for instance ‘sunset’ the results you are given are sorted by the most popular first. How do Redbubble decide what the most popular images are? It seems that the number of favouritings, comments and views are what is used and the weighting seems to be that a Favourite is worth more than a comment and a view, which would make sense.

If you check the Most popular artworks, you can find them by clicking ART – POPULAR and selecting RANGE for example ALL TIME this will show you the best images on Redbubble EVER, my work Into the Shadows is in the top 250 of all time in this list (just thought I would mention that) or click here ALL TIME LIST

As you may be aware I do not use the reply button (we didnt have one in the old days) because I would prefer to spend my time looking at my friends and supporters artwork and leaving comments and favourites as I see fit, this promotes their art through the most popular, searches and the image also appears in ALL my friends image feeds much like me advertising their work.

If I have got this wrong I would be grateful if somebody lets me know! Maybe if we bribe the redbubble staff with chocolate we might hit number 1 in all the searches lol.


  • CeePhotoArt
    CeePhotoArtalmost 4 years ago

    HI Paul, I love your write up. I’m always generous with the favorite button….for the reasons you have stated. I like showing off other people’s work……and really appreciate it when other do the same for me.

  • Hi Cee Thanks for the comment I just checked and Into the Shadows is in page 7 so that makes it errrrrrr in the top 150!

    – Paul Gibbons

  • Barry Norton
    Barry Nortonalmost 4 years ago

    Hi Paul, like you I do not use the reply button, people commenting and favouring my work is thanks enough, plus my time is limited even more lately due my involvement with charity fund raising

  • Brenda Boisvert
    Brenda Boisvertalmost 4 years ago

    Glad you brought up this subject Paul. I thought the same, that to get into Popluar Art & Photography one had to have interest shown in your work …. then one day I checked & low & behold my most recent post showed up in there within minutes of posting, which had no views,comments of faves. Puzzling!!!

  • lol did you send chocolate to the redbubble gods? It does seem to work normally in the way I have described.

    – Paul Gibbons

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzalmost 4 years ago

    Never really knew that. thx for posting that info. I also notice that within a few seconds of posting something, it gets 10-20 views right away. Not sure how that happens so quick. Makes sense about the comments, since a comment and reply are both counted now. Didn’t used to be like that. So I base my own popular images, on Favs first, and views second. Images with no favs over a period of time usually get deleted, regardless of how many views.

    Do you know if RB considers features, challenge winners and placers in their selction of most popular? To me that would make sense. I’d sure like to know images that were featured the most and won (or placed) in challenges the most.

    One thing I could not figure out is how they select Home Page images. Looks like they select a theme, but what about popularity? Or is it just some random picks?

    It would be nice when you look at your images you could see stats like popularity.

  • I think to use places in challenges would be quite time consuming to administer George. I think Home pages are chosen by different redbubblers as weell as staff and they have their own ideas of what looks good. I might choose Castles and pick my 6 or 8 favourite castles. I also sort my images into popularity the first three anre my newest and the rest descending in popularity by favouritings.

    Thanks for your comment George.

    oh your 10-20 views are due to your popularity! I get 3 – 4 views in a day lol

    – Paul Gibbons

  • patjila
    patjilaalmost 4 years ago

    I do use the reply button a lot because I think that interacting is also a way to express thanks to people who took the time to comment your work..for it is a bit like someone gives you a compliment you turn around walk away without saying anything… correct if I didnt understand or got it wrong but that is how my interpretation is….after reading the journal…

  • I know Patjila, some people have limited time online and to spend an hour writing thank you seems to be a waste of valuable time. That is why I occasionally write a journal and express my thanks. I honestly do not expect a reply to any of my comments and would prefer people spend the time either being inspired by looking at art or being creative in that hour.

    We all have our own ways of using redbubble and making it work for us. Many thanks for your views and comment.

    – Paul Gibbons

  • emanon
    emanonalmost 4 years ago

    I am always thrilled to get comments and chuffed to bits if people add one of my photographs to their favs. It makes me think I am improving and to be added to someones fav who I think produce fantastic work….well makes my day. I like to add to my favs, cos I like the work, subject or am amazed by their talent. I also show people who are not on RB some of my own photographs if they want to see what I am up to, but usually take them to see the other peoples work I have collected just to let them see what talent is out there. Glad you posted this subject for discussion.

  • There is no better feeling than selling your first work of art, almost better than sex, or maybe I am doing sex wrong lol. I can vaguely remember my first comments and favouritings and I thought wow somebody actually agrees with me that I can take a pretty decent photo. That feeling never goes away. I will continue to spread my comments and favourites and of course keep practising sex lol

    – Paul Gibbons

  • Rosej
    Rosejalmost 4 years ago

    I am with Patjila on this – I try really hard to reply – even if it is just a ‘thank you’! Also it is the interaction between the artists that create the relationship/rapport. I love the feedback I get back sometimes from some of my comment – especially if I have spurred a response from someone who doesn’t normally reply. I don’t mind if people don’t reply – I understand that time is limited for so many of us but I do enjoy the interaction. I hope that the Homepage isn’t done by popularity or else I may never get on there – hee hee:~) Good post this one – gives us time to ponder – and look – you are responding – have a good day…

  • I must admit that by not replying a link is lost between me and the viewer but through looking at your watchlists images and leaving meaningful responses then a better link can be established. I do feel a connection through art to all the people I ‘watch’ and try to express that, if I feel it can be taken a little further then a journal or bubblemail can be sent saying a little more than thank you.

    I am sure there is no right and wrong way, the reply button is not as popular with us old timers lol

    – Paul Gibbons

  • Charmiene Maxwell-batten
    Charmiene Maxw...almost 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for this info. Paul – I didn’t know how it all worked. I’m still new on RB so learning the ropes and reall enjoying it.

  • Oh Its just my thoughts on how this all works Charmiene I am sure somebody else has their ideas lol Maybe the chocolate thing works as well.

    I am sure you will be as addicted as the rest of us before too long :)

    – Paul Gibbons

  • wiscbackroadz
    wiscbackroadzalmost 4 years ago

    Thank you for making people aware of this Paul. I get many not comments about how wonderful people think an artwork is but no favoriting by many of them. If i like i piece well enough i’ll always favorite the piece and at times even leave a comment. If you like something well enough why not also hit that favorite button to help the artist get more attention?

  • I agree, if you really, really like then Favourite, it dosnt cost anything and spreads a lot of good will. As I said in my journal it helps promote the work as well.

    – Paul Gibbons

  • Betty Mackey
    Betty Mackeyalmost 4 years ago

    Paul, I try to comment on most of the work that is posted by the artists I follow, many of whom also follow me. I always try to thank anyone who comments on my work. I sometimes use an online translator ( to leave comments or say thank you. All this takes time, time that I am supposed to be using to do new artwork, at which I am semi-professional, or my work as an editor/publisher, at which I am well known. I try not to follow any more people because of the time factor. But once in a while I still add someone because the work is so wonderful. I especially try to follow people whose work I love but who are not overwhelmingly popular already. Some people whom I follow have become very popular — it is great to see that happen. I leave a lot of faves but I never fave something unless I love it. I guess whatever is not your day job feels like more fun, so communicating, thanking, commenting, and faving on RedBubble are all really enjoyable to me. It can be a form of procrastination when it gets out of hand. If I had more time I would follow more artists. I once had to unfollow someone who posted about a dozen new pieces a day. That was tooooo much for my schedule (such as it is).

  • Hi Betty, It must be hell for a pro or semi pro trying to keep up with all the replies, I only add a favourite if it is something I really like but sometimes am not as generous as I should be! I have also taken people off my list for posting relentlessly. I limit my uploads to a maximum of 1 per day and most days I upload nothing. Only post the best work is my thought, if I post something which is below standard I hope somebody tells me lol Thanks for the reply Betty

    – Paul Gibbons