On Location...

Thanks to everyone who has commented on, favourited, is watching me or most of all have bought my work. I do try to get around everyone on my watchlist and leave comments on art I like, I was going to apologise for not being able to get around for the next few days but I decided that my excitement about my holiday\family visit\ photo shoot for 5 days to Cornwall far outweighs my guilt!

I know that I have around 6 pages of added artwork per day from my watchlist, that’s 25 pieces x 6 per day times five days is errrrrr 750 new works to look at when I return. I know it will be a challenge, although I will be uploading and editing my new work as well I will apply for a 25 hour day and cancel all sleep on my return.

In the meantime have a great few days and happy shooting, feel free to browse my work and leave comments, I will try to hijack my sisters computer and check how my sales are…

Or maybe I should just hire an accountant. lol

Be back soon!

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