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Roger Mann

Lincoln, United Kingdom

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Thanks for all your wonderful responses to Alivya’s uploads this morning – I will come back to you. Her calendar is next on my joblist so time for a cup of tea and then down to business. :)


I’ve not been with RB long so I suppose I can be forgiven for not realising that calendars could start on any given month. But now I know, expect a calendarfest. The models I work with are sometimes famous, sometimes not and very often should be famous but for some reason are not. The next calendar I’ll be producing with be for a lady that to some extent is a part of the latter category, although her qualities are quickly getting recognised. Alivya Free is a friend, model, MUA, hairdresser, stylist and craftswoman – quite a girl. As she lives in the same UK backwater as I do she has to shout more to be noticed and I’m hoping this calendar will help her in that. So, my next few uploads will not be nudes. Yes you read right. Alivya does not do nude work but has ways …