I hear his great pounding footsteps behind me. Closer.
I am barely aware of the terrain, All i know is that i am running through the forest east of the city of Bemsoultchian, the zellmoratai country.
the tall tree’s loom in front of me as i run. dodging them. the soft springy grass and small branches threaten to trip me up. i pray it trips up Altoni.And then i see her. lightly springing from branch to branch in the treatops. She is trying to catch my attention. She points up and for a scary split second i follow her gaze. What if i fall?. i don’t. but i do see what she is pointing at. a small treehouse nestled in the biggest tree i have seen in these woods. she holds out her hand. she never stops jumping and running. the tree’s branches seem to fall exactly in place for her feet. like they are helping her. I dont want to jump up and grasp at her hand. What if i slip? what if she is not strong enough ? then i get pummled to my death by Altoni and if i ignore her and keep running? i get pummled to my death by Altoni.i jump. i soar throught the air for what seem’s like an hour and then i grasp her hand. i am swinging . hanging from her grasp. Pain shoots up my leg. white hot pain.agony. i think of death as she swiftly keep’s springing from branch to branch.I feel my hand slipping out of hers. i want to hang on but i can’t….

When i came to i was lying in the small tree hut with Altoni’s clothing draped over me as a blanket.She glide’s silently to my side.“Drink” she command’s holding a queer leaf cup in front of me. I obey. Vile taste.
But i feel better. “Altoni?” i feebly ask, " is Dead" she say’s simply.
“how?” i am sitting up now, taking in my surrounding’s. a small bird like creature is curled up on a crudley made chair. a pile of clothing and other items such as gold coins and photographs lay in one corner. The roughly made walls have flecks of daylight peeking through. “The Grouwlemis got him.” she replys. "the what!?, i stared at her in surprise, "A Grouwlemis is a meat eating animal that lives only in the shadow forest’s. they bind their prey with fine sticky threads that are dangerously poisoness. the thread’s slowly paralyse the body.then it is ready to eat. I go out when the bodys are bound and take their belongings. it is that or die. "
I glanced at the pile in the corner. “You cannot save them?”
“i can. but i dont. because like this man Altoni they are usually all the sharie gaurds.The sharie gaurds killed my mother and father when i was five. they made me watch and then they pushed me in to these forests and said ‘she wont survive long in there’ but i did. She paused for a moment, as if she was remembering her family. then she said;
“my name is sartia. why was the sharie gaurd chasing you?”
I hesitated before replying : “i tried to get out of Bemsoultchian unoticed.” She froze and whispered to me without turning her head, " i hear voice’s". She silently ran out of the hut. i tried to stand but a violent pain shot through my leg. i found it had been bandaged. a red stain was seeping through. i dragged myself over to the door way and stared. Sartia had her head bent against a tree. it appeared to whisper to her. she came back.
“it is more sharie gaurds.” she sat down to wait. presently the sound of footsteps could be heard under the hut. And then a noise which chilled me to the bone. screaming. agony. i tried to shut it out of my mind. " the grouwlemis got them." she smiled. she lept out of the doorway and came back some time later with the gaurds belongings.
“What happened to my leg?” i asked " pioson fern" she said. “It acts like little blades when thrown”. “The sharie lord invaded Zellmoratai when he discovered the use of them. not many people lived from the pioson. but my mother gave me a small bottle before she is a cure.”

" you didnt really escape did you ? you came in search of the sword didn’t you?". I nodded. " it is the only weapon powerful enough to overthrow the Sharie lord." Sartia sat as if in a trance for a moment and then said ; “then let us go and find it”



Walpa, Australia

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chapter one of a fictional story…should i finish it? let me know!

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