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This is a geeky 80’s design created for the Earth Hour Challenge.

If you understand it then it means you’re old enough to be a fair contributor to the world energy problem and an equal part of the solution.

But what is the solution?

Well it’s clear to me that not just one but a whole range of newer, greener, renewable energy sources will save the day and I believe that people like you and me should be given the option to choose between them on our power bill. Whether they be nuclear, solar, geo-thermal, nano tubes and so on.

Freedom of choice is what we want. Which is in fact a lyric from that crazy 80’s pop rock band, Devo.

The red things are the hats Devo alway wear which they call “Energy Domes”, claiming they can actually harvest energy from your own head.

Now that’s a solution I’d really like to see.

*This is my first attempt at using Adobe Illustrator so all comments and critiques are very welcome.


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  • Crossfire
    Crossfireover 5 years ago

    Very cool.

    I’m old enough to remember Devo, but not really remember them, but I found this page which pretty much confirms what you said, not that I was doubting you for one minute. I should shut up now, shouldn’t I?

    It’s still a cool tee =)

  • Wow thanks for that link. I was going to put one in myself just now.

    Good thinking and good comment.

    – Spikerama

  • craigfc
    craigfcover 5 years ago

    awesome song. awesome shirt.

  • Yeah it’s still a great song. And a a good message.

    Thanks for yours.

    – Spikerama

  • wazandy
    wazandyover 5 years ago

    Great T-Shirt mate.

  • Cheers wazandy. Very kind.

    When you gonna put more writtings up? I loved those.

    – Spikerama

  • Electricmeat
    Electricmeatover 5 years ago

    Looks fantastic on Aqua! Very nice idea. Well done dude.

  • Cool thanks man. It’s my first time using Adobe Illustrator so there’s a few things I’d like to improve.

    Glad you like it.

    – Spikerama

  • yanmos
    yanmosover 5 years ago

    very nice work mate!!

  • Cheers Yanmos. Thanks for having a look.

    Your entry is great too.

    – Spikerama

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneover 5 years ago

    Devo shell game… perfect!

    Sam Dantone

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneover 5 years ago

    I missed the first attempt at illustrator statement.

    Bravo, I haven’t bit off that program yet.

    I’m thinking you have more than beginners luck…

    Sam Dantone

  • Thanks Sam. It’s pretty a complex program and quite daunting at times and I can freehand draw quite well so I always avoided it. But it’s perfect for this so I decided to start it up and have a go. Now I reckon I’ll use it more and more. It’s clearly very powerful.

    Thanks for popping in.

    – Spikerama

  • montdragon
    montdragonover 5 years ago

    Nothing like the way back time machine to…oopsadaisy I guess you really don’t need a time machine to dial up and on or slipping the CD Devo thingy…nothing like modern times…exceptionally cool (cool is kinda retro ?) great design with that neato thing that anyone seeing this T would ask about it and what it means…and then you let’m have it with the info…could get some conversation and converts too…gender none specific when making folks aware about important stuff and connecting to the connection of solutions…great design…“I say whip it. Whip it good. Crack that whip.”

  • Ah ah ha. Fuck you are a funny dragon indeed mate!

    Your comments always crack my whip and bring a genuine smile to my dial. Thanks so much montdragon.

    Well there’s a few good designs in the running for this challenge so vote with your heart and most of all VOTE EARTH on the weekend. So that means no redbubbling for one hour. You think you can handle it?

    – Spikerama

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneover 5 years ago

    Ahhh, lovely Freehand…

    My flavor also. It is so simple and pure. I use it mostly for sign design. It keeps the bezier points very clean. I am hoping for a hybrid Freehand/Illustrator, geared toward the freehand user, in the future. Seeing how Adobe owns Freehand now.

    Keep up the great work, no matter the vehicle!

    Sam Dantone

  • montdragon
    montdragonover 5 years ago

    Yup’n I do simple and have simplified less is more in everything…I am a vegetarian and conserve not just bleating the “green jingo jangle flavor of what is politically correct” meditate vegetate conserve and STFU and do it…I have reciprocated and I am watching you…no doubt a lot to see and and a lot to learn…GODSPEED to you Spirkerama (god I love your handle)…life is a gift…never weaken unless of course something catches your fancy…naughty or nice remember MOM might not approve…so do her proud…ha ha be good if not don’t get caught…remember mothers day is every day and no matter what MOM sees everything…believe…they do!!!! Good luck on your entry…wow so many great designs all so very cool….rock it.

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