Hi, I started taking photo’s in the 1970’s with an old practica 35mm and an olympus trip35. I am from the gold coast, but have traveled australia a lot. I love taking surfing photo’s and wildlife. I really started to love wildlife photography when I had the chance to work on Heron Island from 1987 to 1990. There I met one of australia’s leading nature photographers who was working on the island as well. Gary Bell who is now a guy who inspires me to take better images. Check him out at www.oceanwideimages.com (he is one of the best.) I hope you like some of my pics.
I have a new site http://spiderimages.net/home please feel free to visit.
Yeee ha, got my new Canon G1 X and canon Water housing, I love this awesome camera.
I also use a Nikon D3,
Nikon manual focus 16mm
Nikon manual focus 24mm
Nikon AutoFocus 105 Micro.
80-400mm Nikon zoom.
Nikon D7000.

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