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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

West Bromwich, United Kingdom


Tank Man (Unknown Rebel) - China, Tiananmen Square protest

My Tank Man Shirt is fast becoming my fastest selling RedBubble item. With the added interest in the 20th Anniversary it seems that people are finding the shirt on RedBubble and want to wear a reminder of the brave act of a lone individual back in June 1989.

Thanks to all those that have made a purchase, much appreciated, and I’m sure that Tank Man, whoever and wherever he may be, would be quite humbled by all the fuss.


100 Sales

I’ve just been checking my account and I noticed that I have clocked up the sale of 100 items.

91 T-Shirts
4 Greeting Cards
1 Mounted Print
2 Matted Prints
2 Framed Prints

Thanks to everyone that has purchased items so far, it is very much appreciated.



So, calendars are now available to buy, and I have to say, are fairly simple and quick to set up.

One thing missing is the TAB at the top of the page to show you Calendars in the same way as Art and Clothing.

Some great calendar collections so far, and I’m sure there will be an increasing number available as people cotton on and we near the Christmas holiday season.

A bad day at work and then....

…I get home to find I’ve sold not one BUT two t-shirts in a day!

Now admittedly at my meagre mark ups I will not be able to change career based on two sales but it has certainly cheered me up as today has been a bit of a nightmare.

So a huge thank you to the buyers of

Punk Is Not Dead
Tank Man

That makes a total of 6 Tank Man shirts – If you’ve purchased one I’d like to know what they are like (Buyers Booth picture would be nice) so please comment and let me know.

Thanks for making a bad day good!

It's Official....

Tank Man is a popular cult hero.

I have now sold 5 of these shirts to complete strangers

My Tank Man Shirt was something that appealled to me and it give me great satidfaction that others share my interest in this lone hero.

I remember seeing the news footage back in 1989, I was just 21 back then, and I was amazed at the courage of this lone ‘soldier’, he believed in what he stood for and he was not afraid to stand up for freedom, depite the odds being heavily against him.

The image has stuck with me for years, like the Space Shuttle exploding and the SAS storming the Iranian embassy, and it made an impression on me at the time and thanks to all you kind RedBubblers it has made yet another impression on me again.

I still think the guy is a hero, and I hope he is alive and well…

My Redbubble has finally burst :-(

After many months of great comments from many kind people on redbubble and a number of transactions and purchases handled expertly by the redbubblers I am sorry to report that I have been let down and misled.

I purchased 2 mounted prints (See St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall and Tintagel Castle, Cornwall in the buyers booth) and at the same time I ordered 2 t-shirts of JFDI and this was back on the 17 November.

I needed the shirts for a work event on the 6th December and having checked the delivery times in the FAQs I worked out it would be just in time so completed the order.

My mounted prints were delivered on the 29th November just 12 days after ordering them – fantastic service and within the 10-15 day estimate on the FAQs.

However, I had heard nothing about my shirts. I send…

My 2nd Artwork Sale ... and this time it's a Mounted Print

Wow! So much activity in so little time, I can’t keep up.

In the small hours of the other morning, someone, I know not who, puchased Sea Urchins as a mounted print.

I am totally made up, this is my first sale of a big piece of artwork and I still quite can’t believe my picture will soon be adorning the wall of a total stranger.

Thank you whoever you are, and I hope it lives up to your expectations.


My 1st Artwork sale

It was featured on the artwork ‘featured’ list for Poppy day and just over a week later it’s my first artwork (card) sale.

I purchased this card myself a few months ago and it looks great (even if I do say so myself) on the redbubble cards.

The work was In Flanders Fields and a huge thank you to whoever purchased it, I hope it lives up to your expectations when it arrives.


My 2nd T-Shirt Sale!

I have today sold my 2nd t-shirt, just when I thought I was never going to sell anything else!

Huge thanks to Andy Harris for buying Are You My Mommy which was one of my early t-shirt designs, so it is good to see the depths of your portfolio can still be found.

Andy also has some nice stuff too, I especially like his Save the Cheerleader… shirt, which seems quite appropriate as I am typing this while my son catches up on the Heroes Unmasked episodes from the Sky+ box.

Thanks again.


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