Thank You!!!

Many thanks to the person that purchased 40 greeting cards from me, Crane Estate. Most appreciated!! I hope you enjoy!…

I also want to apologize for not being on RB as much as I once was. Have had many life changes of late, some good and some not so good. I find that I do not have the time that I once did. So, for all of you that have left me wonderful comments, please know that they are much appreciated!

To my fellow hosts of the various groups I co-host with you, I am sorry that I have not been available. Thank you for covering for me and I wish I could say that things will quiet down and I will have more time soon. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I understand if you feel that you have to remove me as host of your groups.

I wish you all the best and will be popping back to RB at tim


Hello to all my RB friends! I know that I have been remiss in my duties as host in my groups and that I have not been around all that much of late! For that, I am truly sorry and feel very guilty! For those that have commented on my work and I have not had a chance to say thank you, I do thank you and appreciate all your support!

I have some personal stuff going on that I am attending to and RB is taking a back seat for a bit. I have limited access to the computer during the week but have more access on weekends.

I miss all of your great work and hope you forgive me for not being as active on here as I once was!

Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year in 2013!


Seeking New Host

Unfortunately, Pamela Phelps is unable to continue on as host in The Beautiful East Coast Group .

If anyone is interested in helping out, we would very much appreciate it! Please contact me if you are interested.

I would like to thank Pamela for all her help and for all she brought to the group as a co-host!

Thanks so much!

To Post or Not to Post

I am here doing my Features for the different groups I host and find that I love selecting the work to be featured! I love tagging them with our nice banners but you know what I do not like doing….and I am not sure why…maybe because I write so many emails at work….I just do not like writing the posts each week about the features. It seems like only a few have time to go in and read the post and comment.

So, my question to all of my RB friends is, does it matter to you whether there is a post about the features each week or is it enough to be featured, appear on the Home Page and have a banner?

Please be honest….if you like the posts….will continue! :)

Happy April!!!

Many Thanks!!!

Thank you so much to whoever bought this print!!!! :)

It is truly an honor when someone likes your work enough to purchase it!

Thank you so much!!!

Away for a few weeks....

First, I want to wish my dear friend, Kim McClain and John a beautiful wedding day tomorrow and a beautiful life together!!! So happy for you, my friend!

Also, I am moving into my new log home tomorrow!!! Been quite a process, a long journey but it is finally here! I will be devoting a lot of my time to unpacking and settling in, so I will be away from RB for a few weeks.

The good news is, I will have more time to take pictures now! ;)

See you soon!

Thank You!!!

Many thanks to whoever bought the canvas print of the Friendship in Salem!!! I also have sold quite a few cards over the past few months! So, thank you for your support and for your purchases….whoever you are! :)

Online Backup on PhotoShop

As many of you may know, my laptop died last Sunday….it was less than a year old, the hard drive was “fried”. They tell me that only 8% of the computers do this and they did replace the laptop. The bad news is, I lost all my pictures. They could not retrieve them!

I did have storage online that I bought on Photoshop but have no idea how I get those back on to my computer. Do I have to contact PSE or Adobe? Anyone ever have this happen and been able to retrieve their images from PSE?

I did buy an external hard drive so I never have to relive this nightmare again (I hope).

Any ideas, help, suggestions, etc. are welcome!!!

Thanks for all your support!

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