A spanish illustrator with a great love for everything related to science fiction.

My favourite authors are Alastair Reynolds, jeffrey A. carver, john C. wright, Vernor Vinge and Larry niven; I think their books are marvellous flights of the imagination that fill my head with ideas.
Manga and japanese monster movies are part of my menu; old school rock too.
Blade Runner is THE MOVIE.

More of a self-taught drawer that start from childhood to grab pencils and make doodles in any available surfaces; for the past five years I’ve been assisting to different courses in drawing, painting and illustration to improve and find my own style (and money too).
All my images are done by hand using just fine liners, markers, some crayon and a final little touch in the computer. The results are spaceships, monsters, aliens and futuristic machines populating some dark corner of our galaxy; anything else is a waste of time. This site gives me the opportunity of showcase my real passion whitout having to peel my eyes in dead lines and proyects that have nothing to do with sci-fi.

Some of my original works and thoughts are at facebook page GALLEGOINTHEMOON.

Are you interested in a more personal work or commission?: you can contact me by email at doninomera@hotmail.com.

  • Age: 36
  • Joined: February 2013



To all people who’s been checking my works, adding to their favourites and commenting.
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