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The written side of me

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my poetry. It’s nothing more than an outlet for me to help with the more painful situations in my life…. / Most of my poetry has to do with having a broken heart, but i would love to share it and see what you all think! / thank you for your time. (more poetry to come soon) / ‘Sweet dreams’ is up now
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No more Nude with Tattoo :(

Sadly I am here to let you all know that my photo “Nude with Tattoo” has been removed from Redbubble. I received an email this afternoon stating the following: / Nude images have been a controversial issue on RedBubble. Our current policy is nothing that displays genitalia – to this end I have de-published Nude with Tattoo. The reasons for our policy are two fold. One we are …
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What makes a good photo? ...care to answer?

I’ve been looking around on redbubble and I’m starting to think I might have become obsessed with the site, I love to see what everyone else produces and I was blown away with a lot of the photos of different places in Australia… all of you are making me want to go there just so I can have wonderful images like yours. The amazing colors in all of your shots astound me! / The rea…
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I've added some of my illustrations to the bunch!

Hey guys! Happy to admit that I have been adding more photos and now some illustrations to my little bubble! / I would love to hear what you guys have to say! Feedback is always appreciated! / Thanks so much!
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