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Jerry  Mumma

Jerry Mumma

Fuquay Varina, United States

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Ugh! I have lost my creativity, nor can I get motivated lately. I started a contest/assignment for my photo club (I’m the VP) and haven’t even entered myself. It usually comes back and I take some creative photos then never share them. I feel trapped behind my usual subjects.

Between stress at work (end of the fiscal year) and my wife is having some health issues, I just haven’t felt the photography love lately. I did get out and shoot some butterflies today they are so peaceful. My humming birds are on crack and I can’t seem to get a decent capture lately. I think they mated somewhere in the yard. There are a lot of juveniles around. They all seem to be going toward the same place in the woods as well.

Tomorrow I go to hang shots for my photo exhibition during the…

Print Sales

I took 5 prints to the office today. One guy purchased all of them and I sold one of them 3 times. Maybe this will be an ok year for my print sales after all.

I just thought I would share. Thanks for reading.

Air show

I had wonderful feedback on my air show pictures. I was contacted today with 5 print orders and I only handed out 3 business cards. One of the 3 was handed to a portrait photographer which I wasn’t expecting any sales from anyway.

I am really excited about this and think it could lead to future sales. Especially the gentlemen from the shot I posted in my redbubble gallery. These men have stunt or classic planes restored and I think word of mouth could be good with this group.

I just thought I would share. This is one of the best results I have received from an event and this was a really small event.